Setback for the Queen's son, partial victory for Virginia Giuffre: A New York district court has admitted her sexual abuse lawsuit against Prince Andrew.

The New York District Court has ruled: An abuse lawsuit against the Queen's son will be admitted.

Sexual abuse - lawsuit against Prince Andrew approved

Andrew's attorneys argued that an out-of-court settlement that emerged between Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre in 2009 is intended to prevent the Prince from being charged.

 Sexual-abuse-lawsuit against-Prince Andrew approved

From the said agreement it emerges that the American Virginia Giuffre agreed with the multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein not to accuse anyone from his environment who could be considered a “potential accused”.


  • < Virginia Giuffre's civil action against Prince Andrew is admitted.

  • That was decided by a district judge in New York.

  • Giuffre claims to have been abused by several friends of Jeffrey Epstein's.

  • In addition to the Queen's son, this also includes a lawyer and Donald Trump friend Alan Dershowitz.

A New York District Court has ruled: An abuse suit against the Queen's son will be admitted. The relevant judge Lewis Kaplan rejected the corresponding application for non-admission.

The plaintiff Virginia Giuffre accuses Prince Andrew (61) in the civil proceedings of having abused her as a 17-year-old. Andrew categorically denies the allegations.

Epstein deal does not protect Prince Andrew

The prince's lawyers had asserted a deal between Guiffre and Jeffrey Epstein in court that was supposed to prevent a lawsuit against the British: According to this non-disclosure agreement, Giuffre received compensation of $ 500,000 in 2009 so that they waived all lawsuits and no other people civil law will be prosecuted in connection with the abuse allegations.

The New York judge has now ruled, however: The agreement between Epstein and Giuffre did not clearly indicate that the parties involved intended to protect Prince Andrew.

No further details Compensation

Giuffre filed a lawsuit against the prince in August 2021. She accused him of rape, sexual assault on a minor, and causing psychological and emotional harm. She demands unspecified compensation and punitive damages. The lawsuit calls for a jury trial.

Giuffre claims to have previously been the victim of an abuse ring set up by the multimillionaire and his ex-partner Ghislaine Maxwell.

No criminal investigation

Maxwell was recently found guilty of several counts in criminal proceedings and faces a long prison sentence.

There are no criminal investigations against Prince Andrew so far. The prince resigned his official duties for the royal family in 2019 because of the allegations. Shortly before, he had tried to refute the allegations in a BBC interview, but was unable to convince.

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