Several workers affected by the exemptions to the Canada Labor Code

Although improvements to the Canada Labor Code have just come into effect, the federal government has already granted exemptions to employers for “hundreds” of workers and job titles, denounces the Public Service of Canada.
The large union organization of 200,000 members deplores the fact that the federal government has granted so many exemptions to employers, although they are temporary, especially since the Canada Labor Code establishes minimum standards for both are unionized than those who are not unionized.

Approximately 900,000 federal workers are affected by improvements to the Canada Labor Code, in areas such as rail transportation, air transportation, telecommunications, banking and broadcasting.

Many changes in force

Many changes came into force on 1 st September, including the right to an unpaid 30-minute break after five consecutive hours of work, and a rest period of eight consecutive hours between each shift.

In addition, an employee now has the right to refuse to work overtime to fulfill his family obligations with a child or a sick family member.

In an interview, PSAC National Executive Vice-President Magali Picard promised to publicly identify those companies that want to be exempted from offering minimum standards to their workers.

On the Quebec Employers Council side, Vice-President Labor and Legal Affairs, Karolyne Gagnon, explained that employers should apply for such exemptions to maintain “flexibility” and that they should be able to replace absent employees with example.

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