Servants of Jesus Mary: last Christmas mass after 115 years on rue Laurier

After 115 years in their monastery on rue Laurier in Gatineau, the Servants of Jesus Marie are preparing to celebrate their last two Christmas masses in this building, who are to move into new premises in the spring.
M espite the historic nature surrounding Christmas celebrations this year at the monastery 210 Laurier Street, the Servants of Jesus and Mary do not plan to celebrate their masses differently.

“We are not doing anything special or spectacular, because although this will be our last mass on Laurier Street, we will continue to do mass. This is not our last, ”says mother-servant general, Marie-du-Bon-Pasteur. “It’s a historic moment, that’s for sure, but we don’t realize it yet. It’s been 125 years that our community has existed, it’s a great moment for us. We will feel more nostalgia when the holidays are over. ”

After 115 years on Laurier Street, the Servants of Jesus Mary are currently preparing to turn the page on this chapter of their history. “It is not obvious with the move that is fast approaching, but these masses bring us a little positive in this tumult,” she adds.

The Servants of Jesus Mary must be relocated in the spring to a new monastery with an area of ​​4,600 square meters behind the Diocesan Center, located at 180, boulevard Mont-Bleu, in the Hull sector.

The new monastery will also be better adapted to the current and future needs of the nuns. “We have to move to better adapt to our needs and the needs of the population we serve. There were 90 people living in the monastery before, but now there are only 37 of us. These premises have become too expensive and too large. The boulevard Mont-Bleu monastery will be smaller. ”

“We wanted to move on our own while we still have the energy to do so. We wanted to make this decision ourselves while we are quite young. We didn’t want to have someone else move us. We wanted to be able to choose our premises, ”continues the mother-servant-general.

She also specifies that the mission of the congregation will remain the same, despite the relocation. “The heart of our mission remains unchanged, we will continue to pray and hold masses as much at Christmas as the rest of the year. ”

The last Christmas masses at 210 Laurier Street will be held Tuesday at 8 p.m. and Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.

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