Sebastien Proulx leaves politics

Eleven months after being re-elected deputy Jean-Talon, Sébastien Proulx resigns. The only member of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) east of Montreal says he wants to think about him and his family first.
C elui who was strategist, deputy and minister was asked to become the next PLQ leader this spring. An opportunity that he eventually declined. “It was not my turn, it was not my time, it was not me that Quebec needed now,” he believes.

After 15 years of “getting in and out of politics”, Mr. Proulx wanted to move on. He accepted a job as Director of Institutional Affairs at Desjardins.

“I gave a lot, a lot, a lot for others, I thought a lot about others […] I decided to choose today, and choose my family,” said the father of two children.

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As Minister of Education, Mr. Proulx built the Policy on Educational Success and started several projects that he could not complete because his party was ousted. He laid down his vision of education in the book “A free Quebec is a Quebec that can read and write,” published in 2018.

As Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale, Mr. Proulx also worked to secure the financing of the structuring transportation network in Quebec City.

Before losing the passion

Sébastien Proulx did not want to wait until the end of his mandate, in 2022, to leave. “I would have lowered the level of service and passion and I would say energy to do what I have to do.” He says he is on good terms with the party and intends to continue to campaign.

The 44-year-old politician does not leave the National Assembly with a severance pay in his pocket, because they have been abolished. His departure will, however, result in a by-election in Quebec, which will cost the government about $ 600,000.

“I have a disability. I do not live in Quebec »
– Sébastien Proulx, on the opportunity to run for the Quebec City Hall one day

After the former leader Philippe Couillard, this departure is the second that must be cashed the PLQ since the election of October 1. Interim leader Pierre Arcand speaks of a heavy loss for the party. But he intends to raise his sleeves. “I will not let Jean-Talon County go. We will fight, “he promises.

Quebec City Hall?

Mr. Proulx does not close the door to a return to politics one day, but not right away. “I’m like everyone else who has tasted it. You never know what can happen, “he says.

Told as a future candidate for Mayor of Quebec, Mr. Proulx remains elusive.

“I have a disability. I do not live in Quebec, “he replies. He who lives in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures specifies that he does not leave his duties “while waiting for something”.


2004: Leads Action démocratique du Québec (ADQ) and becomes advisor to Chief Mario Dumont
2007: Elected MP for Trois-Rivières for the ADQ
2014: Becomes advisor to Liberal Premier Philippe Couillard
2015: Elected MP for Jean-Talon with the Liberal Party of Quebec
2016: Appointed Minister of Education, then Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale
Local information matters to me and I want to participate in the future of my life.

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