You can continue to celebrate in the Lutz hut without having been vaccinated or recovered. The lack of a certificate requirement in a supposed interior space is made possible by a trick with a tent. The authorities are aware of this and let the operators do it.

The Lutz hut at the valley station of the Sattel-Hochstuckli cable car is known for its« 5-Liber -Party »on Thursday evening.

 Schwyzer party hut circumvents corona rules with an outer tent

The event is very popular with young people in the region – not least because you can go into the outer tent without having been vaccinated, tested or recovered. The organizers explicitly note on the flyer that no certificate is required.

Schwyzer Party hut bypasses corona rules with outer tent

The party was already well attended on the Thursday before last (December 9th).

That's what

  • A party hut in the Canton Schwyz is talking about stricter corona rules.

  • Those responsible can do that because they run their restaurant in a tent.

  • Such a place is considered to be outside under certain conditions and has therefore not yet been subject to the certificate requirement.

While bars and clubs across the country voluntarily introduced the 2G rule yesterday, Friday, in anticipation of the Federal Council's decision, dozens of people celebrated the popular ” 5-Liber-Abig ». As always, unvaccinated and untested people were allowed into the bar. This is possible because of a special trick. As long as 50 percent of a tent remains open, it is not an interior space. The “Blick” reports on the case.

Party nights in the tent should still be possible

The Fünfliberabend in Sattel is also known because it runs for the female guests under the Coyote Ugly motto based on the film of the same name – that is, skimpy clothing in leather and cowboy style. Those responsible publish pictures from the party on their Facebook page. You have previously got the OK for the series of parties from the community. “It's an A4 sheet of paper with editions, and I'll sign it,” says Mayor Adolf Lüönd-Diener (74). “But the health department and the police are responsible for the controls, not the community.”

According to the operator couple, the police have stopped by a few times. “There have already been discussions about the implementation of the measures, but we always came to an agreement.” They have already reacted several times when guests closed the tent walls. As the landlady says, they have attached locks to them since then to make sure that they continue to pass through as outside space.

Despite the fresh wind at almost 800 meters above sea level, they try to make it as pleasant as possible for their guests. “We try to heat, and it has furs and blankets, and we sell hats.” The trick with the tent should still be possible. The Federal Council has not changed the rule that there is no 3G obligation for outdoor events for up to 300 people.

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