“FCL”, “ACAB” and other graffiti: a moderately talented sprayer is troubling the Konzerthaus Schüür. Despite being repainted several times, the walls in the toilets were smeared over and over again – apparently by the same person over and over again. Now the concert hall threatens publicly with a complaint – and gives the Schmierer an ultimatum.

Various tags on the wall: Several times an FCL fan has the Walls of the Schüür in Lucerne smeared with tags.

 Sch & uuml; & uuml; r threatens notorious FCL smear with ad

The Schüür responded with a Facebook post in which they asked the vandal to come forward. Otherwise they will report and ban FCL fans from the Schüür premises.

 Sch & uuml; & uuml; r threatens notorious FCL-schmierfinken with advertisement

The appeal had an effect: The Schüür was able to establish contact with the vandal. Now she wants to discuss how to proceed with the person responsible. They will now refrain from filing a complaint in order to save the young man an entry in the criminal record.

This is what it is about

  • An FCL fan is troubling the Konzerthaus Schüür: it has been smeared for weeks Men's toilet in the pub with different tags.

  • The Schüür gave the vandal an ultimatum: If he does not report, a complaint will be filed and a collective fine will be made for FCL fans.

  • The appeal had an impact. The people in charge of Schüür now want to discuss the further procedure with the FCL smear at a round table.

Vandalism in the men's toilet: «While we try to guarantee Corona-compliant entry through our additional construction site with our security forces so that YOU can dance, you are taking advantage of this situation to adjourn our men's toilet for weeks – we are canceling – you tag. ” This is in a post that the Konzerthaus Schüür in Lucerne published on Facebook on Tuesday.

“In the Schüür there are eyes that you can't see,” says Schüür managing director Marco Liembd on request. What is meant are surveillance cameras that are located in the building. They filmed the greaser, but not in the toilets themselves. There are no cameras there.

Schüür does not want to advertise

In the Facebook post, the Schüür has also given the person responsible an ultimatum: If he does not report by Tuesday afternoon and voluntarily repaint the walls, then a complaint will be filed. In addition, the Schüür threatened with a collective penalty for FCL fans: For the time being, they will “deny access to the Schüür to ​​any FCL fan who can only be recognized in the near future”. The Schüür executives are obviously very frustrated, so they didn’t miss a swipe at FC Luzern in the post, which is currently bottom of the table: “Quit. Being last is not peino. This is sport. But vandalism is painful. Pretty firm. »

The threat had an effect: The Schüür was able to establish contact with the FCL vandal through an intermediary. We want to discuss the next steps with him at a round table, says Schüür managing director Marco Liembd on request. Since it was a young adult, the Schüür wanted to forego a complaint – so as not to burden the young man with an entry in the criminal record. The Schüür has also calmed down a bit in the meantime: «It was an unfortunate post from us. In retrospect, we would certainly not write that anymore. But it was also lousy graffiti. So it's one to one », says Liembd.

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