Sarah Engels has been an integral part of the German TV landscape for a decade. Now the singer reveals which jobs she did before she became famous.

Sarah Engels (29) currently reveals which jobs she did before she became known. Among other things, she sorted car parts and worked in a pizzeria, she told the German Press Agency.

Sarah Engels used to sort auto-parts

Meanwhile, Sarah, here with her husband Julian Engels (born Büscher, 28), is best known as a musician, influencer and TV personality.

 Sarah Engels used to sort auto parts

< p>In December, Sarah became a mother for the second time. For the professional footballer, daughter Solea Liana is the first child, Sarah brought son Alessio (6) into the marriage.

That's what

  • Sarah Engels (29) talks about which jobs she made before her breakthrough as a singer.

  • The German proves: She has always been versatile.

  • So has Sarah used to sort auto parts, among other things, to supplement her pocket money.

No doubt: Sarah Engels is a jack of all trades. The 29-year-old is not only successful as a singer, but also as an influencer and TV personality. Especially with the latter mainstay, Sarah regularly draws attention to herself, because there is rarely a TV show in which she does not get at least one podium. Whether as a hobby baker at “Das große Promibacken” or a neo-figure skater at “Dancing On Ice” – Sarah Engels has many hidden talents.

As the mother of two now explains to the German Press Agency, she has made use of this versatility and determination not only since she became known. Even before she was catapulted into the limelight by “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” around a decade ago, Sarah relied on several horses. Among other things, she used to have a job sorting car parts.

Sarah initially earned five euros, the equivalent of around 5.20 francs. “Back then it was a huge success for me when I rose from five euros an hour to 5.50 euros,” said the musician, according to the German Press Agency.

“I had different jobs”

It was customary in her parents' house to earn pocket money yourself, Sarah explains. That is why the singer, who grew up near Cologne, once tried her hand at the catering industry: “I had various jobs – for example I worked in a pizzeria at the time.”

Sarah Engels is currently working on acting to make it another mainstay. In mid-January she can be seen for the first time in the lead role of a television film with “The Dancer and the Gangster – Love in Detours”. Before that, she had already played a small role in the cult series “Das Traumschiff” twice, most recently in the New Year's episode from Namibia, which was criticized by fans.

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