The influencer announced this on Friday via Instagram. Solea Liana was born on December 2nd and was the first child of Sarah and her husband Julian.

Sarah Engels (29) grants a first look at daughter Solea Liana's hand on her Instagram account. The influencer's child was born healthy on Thursday.

Sarah Engels' baby is da

Full of anticipation, the 29-year-old shared a before-and-after picture of herself on Instagram a few days ago – once from the 14th and once from the 37th week of pregnancy.

Sarah Engels & rsquo; Baby is here

She previously took hers Followers to a gynecologist appointment. “We're waiting for you, little darling,” she commented on the videos at the time.

That's what

  • Sarah Engels' baby is here!

  • < The little Solea Liana was born healthy on December 2nd, 2021.

  • She is the first child of Sarah (29) and her husband Julian Engels (28).

The wait is finally over: Sarah and Julian Engels have become parents. The influencer announced this on Friday afternoon via Instagram. Their daughter Solea Liana was born healthy on December 2nd. Alessio (6), Sarah's son from her marriage to singer Pietro Lombardi (29), has become a big brother.

“Our little princess Solea Liana Engels: On December 2nd, 21st we were finally able to hold you in our arms and we will never let go of you from now on,” announced the proud mother on Friday under her Instagram post, on which the newlywed parents touch her daughter's tiny hand. She also wrote: “Dad, mom and your big brother love you infinitely and are full of happiness and pride.”

Baby bump update shortly before the birth

Sarah Engels received countless congratulations and lovely messages on Instagram within a very short time. No wonder: the influencer shared her pregnancy with her fans almost every day. The couple had even announced the gender in advance via Instagram.

Shortly before the due date, the former “Germany is looking for the superstar” candidate again proudly posted how big her belly had become compared to the 14th week of pregnancy. In her Instagram story, the 29-year-old shares two black and white photos. On the first snapshot, Sarah can be seen at the beginning of the second trimester, the second should have been taken just a few days before the birth.

Respect for the delivery

The birth should not have been an easy situation for the musician. Her son Alessio (6), whom she has together with her ex-husband Pietro Lombardi (29), was born with a heart defect.

This experience ensured that the influencer's delivery was great in advance Caused concern, as the 29-year-old told a few weeks ago. So she should be all the happier that her daughter was born healthy.

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