Sale of Media Capitals: the UMQ wants a “diversification of sources” of information

The municipal world does not hide its concern over the crisis that is shaking the newspapers of Groupe Capitales M├ędias (GCM). The President of the Union of Municipalities of Quebec (UMQ), Alexandre Cusson, believes that the era of “temporary solutions” must end now so that real long-term measures are put in place to ensure the future of the regional press.
“There, we must look long term what we want, and how we want to support our media, he said, visiting Gatineau on Thursday morning. It is extremely important. You can not be in Quebec with one or two major media outlets in Montreal and Quebec City and nothing else. It does not make sense. “The future of the regional press and the situation of the newspapers of GCM will be on the agenda of the next board of directors of the UMQ on September 20.

The role that the municipal world can play, according to Mr. Cusson, is a facilitator. “There are choices to be made and they must be made with a raised visor,” he says. If a city decides to support or participate in a group to revive a newspaper, it can do it, but you always have freedom of the press in mind. ”

Public opposition of a former journalist of La Tribune of the purchase by Quebecor


The possibility of seeing a single big press group like Quebecor owning all six of the regional dailies of GCM is also a formula to avoid, according to Cusson. “I do not think it’s desirable. In fact, not at all, he says. There must be a diversification of sources of information. Obviously, things are changing, publishing and financial models have to be adapted, but we can not start from an old model to deal with today’s situation. ”

Mr. Cusson echoed the words of Prime Minister Francois Legault, the day before, which invited Quebecers to subscribe to their regional newspaper. “The first thing to do [to help the newspapers] is to subscribe,” he says. People have to buy these newspapers. In our municipalities, people often worry about the disappearance of small local businesses, but they tell us that by leaving the Walmart. I tell people that it is they who ultimately make the decision to maintain or close a business, it is the consumers. If you do not go, the trade will close. It’s the same for newspapers. ”

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