Saint-Edouard Zoo: Crown requests sterilization of animals

While the file of the owner of the Saint-Édouard zoo, Normand Trahan, came back to the judge Thursday morning, the Crown presented a request for sterilization to order that certain animals seized be sterilized. The filing of this request has notably revealed that a lion seized during the events of last spring has died in recent months, information that upset the owner during his passage before the court.
The file was originally scheduled to return to set the dates for the preliminary investigation of Normand Trahan, accused of cruelty to animals. This preliminary investigation was also scheduled for March 12, 13, 26 and 27.

However, while it was expected that this procedure would take only a few minutes, the prosecutor in the file, Me Julien Beauchamp-Laliberté, made a new request to sterilize certain animals that were seized during the operation . A motion which is moreover contested by defense lawyer, Me Michel Lebrun, who invokes that the Crown cannot, in this case, plead the urgency to act, given that it was easy to know before animals could reproduce. Me Lebrun also highlighted the fact that elements were hidden from the defense, including the death of this lion, emblem of the zoo. Normand Trahan also became very emotional when he heard this information being revealed in court, and could not hold back his tears.

Me Lebrun wondered at the same time about the ability of the Montreal SPCA, which led the operation surrounding the seizure and movement of animals, to manage everything well.

The sterilization request will be the subject of a management conference on January 24, in order to set a date for it to be debated on the merits.

With the collaboration of Nancy Massicotte

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