The Swiss like to buy products for their four-legged friends online. Digitec Galaxus has therefore sold twice as much food and toys as in the previous year.

These are the ten best-selling products for pets at the online retailer Digitec Galaxus:

Run on litter boxes and dog food the online shop

In 1st and 2nd place are cat and dog food.

 Run on litter boxes and dog food from the online shop

Food bowls make it to third place among the best-selling pet products.

That's what it's all about

  • Galaxus Digitec sells thousands of pet products every day.

  • This year the online retailer has sold twice as much food and toys as a year ago.

  • Because many people prefer to have the heavy feed sacks delivered to their homes.

Food, toys and litter: pet products are booming. The Swiss have bought more than twice as much goods for their pets this year than they did a year ago. This is announced by the online retailer Digitec Galaxus.

In the meantime, thousands of pet supplies are sold every day on Galaxus' virtual counter, it is said. “Many people nowadays prefer to have their heavy feed bags or litter bags or an aquarium delivered to their home,” explains Seraina Lanfranchi, who is responsible for the pet supplies range.

The selection on the Internet is also greater and in many cases cheaper than in business. The Swiss online retailer offers over 30,000 pet supplies. The range is to be expanded further next year.

Cat and dog food are at the top of Galaxus' sales ranking. The customers have ever higher demands. Premium products are always in demand. “We are seeing an increasing humanization of pets in Switzerland and Liechtenstein,” says Lanfranchi.

The owners only want to offer the animals the finest food. Natural ingredients, superfoods and feed from sustainable production are preferred. There is also strong demand for food bowls – especially smart gadgets such as automatic feeders.

You can find out which other products for pets are booming in the picture gallery above.

This is how much pets cost to maintain:

Pets have been around since the Corona crisis asked, but also cost a lot. Fish are the cheapest. Keeping them costs between 120 and 500 francs a year, depending on the size of the aquarium. Reptiles cost between 100 and 500 francs a year. For birds and rodents, annual expenses of between 400 and 700 francs must be included. Cats can cost 1200 francs a year – a dog even up to 4000 francs a year. Horses are the most expensive: They cost around 21,000 francs a year.

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