RTC: a terminus and two roundabouts at the UQTR

STTR: un terminus et deux carrefours giratoires à l'UQTR

THREE-RIVERS — by the end of the summer, the campus of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières will be fitted with a new terminus of the light type of the Company transport de Trois-Rivières, and two roundabouts which will allow buses to change direction.

It is a project of$ 1.5 M which fits in with the wider investment plan of$ 10.4 Million of the RTC announced in may.

The tenders for this project will be launched at the beginning of April.

The terminus will be located where there are currently bus stops near the Cubes, to the westward, and near the bus stop adjacent to the pavilion of the Hydrogen to the east direction.

“There will be incursions a little longer and the shelters,” explains the director general of the RTC, Guy de Montigny. It is a matter of “incursions into the strip sidewalks so that vehicles can be positioned at the right-hand side of the road and allow other vehicles to continue their journey”, he explains.

“The roundabouts will be nearby so that the movement can be fluid and that the bus can return to the bus that are head-of-line,” he says.

Mr. de Montigny was not able to say if the parking spaces will have to be sacrificed to realize these two projects.

The bus drivers will be able to take advantage of this terminus light to go eat at the cafeteria of the UQTR. “They will be able to use the available space,” he says.

Some bus shelters will be added, specified by the director, a bit of furniture, so the project does not involve the construction of a building.

Currently, the buses of the RTC do not change of direction on the campus.

“These are circuits in transition,” he says. “In the configuration of our new network, there will be more vehicles head-of-line. The bus will have to do a repositioning in the opposite direction. For a question of time and efficiency, it is more of a roundabout” it is important to create, ” he says.

If the UQTR has been chosen for this project, is that with “the analyses that are made in the framework of the new network and in the analysis of survey origins, destinations, this is a sector that is crucial for the movement. All that is the crossroads of knowledge, which is the greatest perimeter of the UQTR, is a huge generator of travel. It is a place of focus, a hub and it is appropriate to refer a substantial number of lines”, he argued.

“With the number of students and employees, it is an institution that can generate a potential very interesting,” says-t it.

Users will be able to wait for their buses, in case of bad weather, inside the UQTR and will be able to see the data of the arrivals of the buses live.

“With the number of students and employees, it is an institution that can generate a potential very interesting ”

Guy de Montigny, director general of the RTC

This project is part of major changes to the RTC by 2020.

The Company will provide, remember, five hybrid buses with 900 000 $ piece and three midi-buses as minibuses for paratransit. Two terminals (access road side and bus shelters) will also be developed in the areas of the college and of the centre hospitalier de Trois-Rivières.

A part of the roof of the RTC will be also remade.

Recall that the RTC was awarded in may of last year, a grant of $ 5.8 million of federal and $ 4.6 million of provincial funding to modernize.

The participation of the RTC will be $ 90 000. The place of development of the terminal had not been unveiled.

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