“Rough 2”: shooting begins Monday

How will Fanny be, four years after being under the influence of the heinous Damien? The filming of the second season of “Runaway” will begin on August 26, while Fanny will want to avenge the death of a young street, mysteriously disappeared.
And yet, her relatives really believed that she had managed to exorcise her old demons by moving on to something else. Know that Carlo, Damien and Natacha are still in the portrait and they will do the difficult task. “In this world where sexual exploitation has a thousand faces, Daisie and Yohan, two young people to whom Fanny is attached, risk the worst. But how to save others when we have not yet managed to save ourselves? “Asked in a statement sent by TVA.

Ludivine Reding is back in the role of Fanny, as Lynda Johnson, Claude Legault, Jean-Francois Ruel, KImberly Laferriere and Iannicko N’Doua in their respective roles. The series, whose first season was broadcast two years ago, is still written by Michelle Allen and directed by √Čric Tessier. No release date has yet been announced.

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