Rose-Marie Perreault: the talent that is needed

Rose-Marie Perreault: le talent qui s’impose

Three-Rivers — Pink-Mary Perreault was scheduled to attend the first) of his new film, Before it explodes, last Wednesday, but his schedule is such that she could not come because of another professional commitment. The anecdote is trivial, but reveals yet something significant in the young but meteoric career of the actress original): his success meteoric can no longer be seen as the effect of a happy coincidence.

In 2015, at age 20, the young woman made his first appearance in a feature film: demons. She has since performed over a dozen roles in feature films at the cinema, eight roles on television and another to the theatre. Such brilliance in a profession where fame, late is much more the norm, if an interpreter knows one day, is staggering. The chance? Her nomination as best actress for her role in The fake tattoos canadian screen Awards excludes this hypothesis. Rest the talent.

A new demonstration is done with the series The monster is currently available on HERE TOU.TV Extra. Another major milestone in the journey of the actress: she is the lead performer of the series in six one-hour episodes. The monster is subject to a heavy campaign of promotion and it is taken from the two books the autobiographical Ingrid Cliff, which have been a huge sales success.

“It was a big challenge, should be Rose-Marie Perreault. This is the first time I played the main character in a series or a movie. In addition, I was of all the scenes of the filming, which lasted 35 days. It forced me to a great rigor in the work to take the shot. People did suspect it, but it can be very physically demanding: he must be disciplined and make sure you rest, eat well, etc, My days of shooting started at 5 AM when a car came to pick me up and we sometimes had work days that lasted 15 hours.”

And this, without counting the very nature of the scenario concerning a young woman victim of a spouse’s terribly violent and controlling. “We had several scenes to be very physical to play: I had to be focused and it was very intense. I have not tried to detach myself from the vulnerability of the character so it was psychologically heavy enough to wear day after day. I was very glad to leave the skin of my character Sophie at the end of the shoot. It has, nevertheless, continued to me to live for a long time afterwards.”

That said, it does not guard from this filming experience that good memories. “It has been my best experience to date. We had a team woven very tight, it is épaulait each other. Going to turn in North Africa has in particular become much closer.”

“We were all aware of being bearers of a message of a social nature and that it was going further than mere fiction. Each morning, as soon as the stage of the makeup, I felt the solidarity of the group while the make-up jasaient with me, and me comforting them.”

It also admits that this role has opened my eyes to a reality that she did not know intimately. “Mine is nothing, it took me to live with that through the character of Sophie. I was so stressed out from the beginning of the shoot: it was the fear of not being adequate to assume all the responsibility that entails. I’m an actress, not a speaker social. I was afraid that it causes a certain wave of people wanting to confide and I’m not equipped for it. We had two meetings with stakeholders of SOS dating violence who have helped us a lot on it. The fact of knowing that Ingrid (Cliff) was never very far away was reassuring. I know that she is perfectly able to assume the role of spokesperson for this cause-even if, from my side, I am pleased to champion this cause which is close to me heart now.”


Lend his talent to Sophie, it is also becoming Ingrid Cliff, a true victim of this terrible story. This is one of the pitfalls of the work of an actress, a profession decidedly out of the ordinary: embodying someone alive, you know and that will be on our work, a look necessarily critical. “We met three times to discuss seriously, and it was very emotional for both of us. It is really disturbing to meet someone that is going to embody on the screen. Ingrid has preferred not to come on the plateau, probably because it was a little painful for her to relive but also not to influence me. By contrast, she wrote to me during the shooting because they saw the scenes tours daily and it encouraged me a lot.”

“This woman is an inspiration to me. It impresses me a lot, but during the filming, I did everything I could to forget that I incarnais Ingrid, history does not bear this additional pressure. Yes, this is a true story, but the character of Sophie universalizes the thing: it is all the victims of dating violence. In addition, I have invested of myself in this character. Agree, this is the story of Ingrid, but it is also a fictional character.”

If it was heavy to carry, the character also allowed him to discover a human aspect which was unfamiliar to them. “This is perhaps the aspect of this work that is most interesting to me: each character is a human being that one seeks to understand the motivations. It is a process that is simply fascinating and I truly believe that I will never get tired of it. It is a constant work of exploration of the human, which fascinates me each time.”

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