Rocky Mountain: conquering the e-bike market

The Canadian brand Rocky Mountain has been working on the manufacture of electric mountain bikes for 10 years. Unlike its competitors, it develops its own engine technology for its bike, and this, in its research center located in Saint-Georges de Beauce.
The are other electric bike brands buy engines from other companies and then try to adapt the bike to the machine. We then move away from the feeling of driving a mountain bike.

“The competition is around the world, it’s actually the engine manufacturers. We created a system for our bike and that’s how we differentiated ourselves from other brands from the start, “says Rocky Mountain President Raymond Dutil.

The brand has two research centers in Canada. The one in Vancouver is used for the mechanical aspect, that’s where they try the bikes, because that’s where the mountains are.

Then the other center, that of Saint-Georges, is used for the electric aspect and propulsion. Engineers here are working to create the best adapted machine.

In 2017, Rocky Mountain launched its Altitude PowerPlay 90 bike in Europe, where the market is very advanced. Since 2018, bicycles have been selling in Canada and since last January, in the United States.

“Since I bought Rocky Mountain in 1997, we have been completely focused on mountain biking. We really dropped the urban bike. I do not want to be the biggest, I want to be the best. ”

Industry leader

According to Mr. Dutil, the Canadian brand is in the top 5 of the best electric bike manufacturers. He hopes to stay at the top.

“We’re already on the front with our technology, but it’s growing fast. We must continue to develop to improve our product. ”

The Altitude PowerPlay 90 has also won the award for best mountain bike electric assistance awarded by the French magazine Velo Vert, very famous in Europe last June.


The President indicates that electric bikes account for 15% of his sales at the moment. In five years, he believes this figure will be 50%

“The phenomenon has exploded in recent years, says the head of marketing, Patrick Ménard. What we have seen in Europe in recent years is the declination of traditional platforms, regular mountain bikes, and the increase of e-bikes. ”

Mr. Ménard believes that Quebec follows Europe. Electric assistance transforms the sport for the better.

“Everything is optimized for cycling. Our range is not wide, we absolutely want them to have a similar behavior to the regular bike. For driving reasons, we want to keep the Rocky Mountain DNA. We do not want to get away from the sport, but we add pleasure. Our bike allows you to go further, to go more adventure or to make more ground in a short period of time. It’s a bike with assistance, it’s not a motocross. ”

With the holding of the first World Championships in this discipline, the popularity will only increase. And the Rocky Mountain team is especially thrilled to see the first competitions in the province compete in well-known terrain.

“It will push the development of the sport, we have already noticed a surge in interest. I think it’s here to stay, it will become dominant, “said Mr. Ménard.

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