The travel industry is groaning, the ombudsman criticizes the new entry regime. Because the corona tests can be positive for those who have recovered even months after the illness, the holidays become a risk.

The quarantine shock after the holidays: This is looming now all recovered.

recovered travelers are threatened with weeks-long stuck abroad

Because the FOPH is now requesting a corona test from travelers.

 Recovered travelers are threatened to be stuck abroad for weeks

Without a negative test, the airlines are not allowed to enter the Flying Switzerland.

That's what

  • is all aboutThe FOPH has determined new travel rules.

  • Now you need a negative PCR test to enter the country.

  • Now you are many travelers are unsettled.

The new entry regime, which requires a negative PCR test, has been in place for a week. There is criticism from the travel ombudsman Franco Muff, as the Sunday newspaper writes. Because now many travelers are unsettled.

Especially those who have recovered are in a difficult situation. According to studies, they can still test positive three months after the corona disease, even if they are no longer contagious. The FOPH, on the other hand, reports that a positive test 20 to 30 days after the start of the infection is “relatively rare”.

Stuck abroad for weeks

Because the airlines are only allowed to take people with a negative test result, those who have recovered run the risk of being stuck in an expensive hotel abroad for weeks. Many cannot afford that, not only from a financial point of view, says Ombudsman Muff, “but also because their employers are reluctant to deal with this difficult situation and hardly to the benefit of those affected.

The current regulation also goes very far for the travel industry, as a spokesman for Kuoni says. The travel agency is currently receiving more inquiries from insecure travelers. That shows in the sales. “The new regulation is not without consequences for the volume of new bookings,” said the spokesman.

Those who have recovered should be tested before they even travel there

At least they are At Kuoni, there have so far only been exceptional cases in which travelers were unable to return to Switzerland due to positive tests and had to be quarantined. There are also many destinations where there is no quarantine requirement.

Kuoni recommends that those who have recovered take a corona test before they travel there. “This reduces the risk of a positive test result in the holiday destination.” If you still have to be in quarantine, the travel agency will support you by arranging quarantine accommodation, in administrative matters and during the subsequent return journey.

This is the BAG entry rule

The new entry regime also affects vaccinated and convalescent people . You must have a PCR test before entry and a second PCR or antigen test between the fourth and seventh day after entry. If you don't have a test, you have to pay a fine of 200 francs. There are currently only exceptions for cross-border commuters and people arriving from border regions. You don't need to present a test or a contact form.

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