Since 2018, the duo has been entertaining viewers at “Zwei am Morge” with gags and funny undercover actions. It will soon be over, however, they will turn their backs on the SRF.

Leaving the SRF after four years: Ramin Yousofzai and Robin Pickis.

Ramin Yousofzai and Robin Pickis leave the SRF

There will be one last season with the duo.

Ramin Yousofzai and Robin Pickis leave the SRF

With their comedy content they regularly inspire around 45,000 fans on Instagram.

That's what

  • Ramin Yousofzai (29) and Robin are all about Pickis (28) founded the format “Zwei am Morge” at SRF in 2018.

  • Since then, the two have been the figureheads of the comedy show.

  • The duo always inspires the audience with wit and cheeky actions.

  • Now they are leaving Swiss television, as the broadcaster announced in a press release.

  • Ramin wants to concentrate on acting in the future, Robin on his independence.

A hard blow for SRF: The “Zwei am Morge” co-founders and posters Ramin Yousofzai (29) and Robin Pickis (28) have decided to leave Swiss television. After four and a half years, they will be shown one last time on TV at the end of March 2022. The broadcaster announced this in a message on Monday.

“After four successful years, it is now time to concentrate more on acting and to tackle my own projects in front of and behind the camera,” Ramin Yousofzai is quoted as saying. He is proud to have helped shape part of the SRF's digital transformation. His colleague Robin Pickis needs a distance from constant content output. It asked a lot of him. He wants to concentrate on new things and projects in the future – but above all on his independence. «The time at‹ Zwei am Morge ›together with the whole team was unforgettable and I would like to thank you for all the opportunities and the trust you have placed in us!»

The last season in this form

«Together with the team, Ramin and Robin have made the brand and the DNA of‹ Zwei am Morge ›into what it is today with a lot of heart and soul, passion and lots of great ideas. For the future, I wish them both the best and a lot of success, ”says senior producer Matthias Püntener. With the departure of the two, it will be the last season in this form. The SRF wants to communicate how the format should proceed at a later date.

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