Rachid Badouri: tenderly funny

Three years since Rachid Badouri had not gone on stage in Quebec. Suffice to say an eternity for his fans who welcomed him with thunderous applause, Wednesday evening, in the Salle Albert-Rousseau. In return, the comedian delivered a show with an autobiographical flavor set like musical paper, where he took the pretext of difficult passages from his life in recent years to give rise to laughter, but also emotion.
C ar, on the edge of quarantine, Badouri admit himself, he had become unbearable with his entourage, a “real asshole” as he says. The “former child king” was grim enough. “What do you know about humor, Yvon Deschamps?” A facet of his personality that he revealed with astonishing frankness.

This exposure was an opportunity for him to remember what he almost lost with his outrageous behavior. Including the woman of his life. Visibly moved, the comedian remained long seconds without saying a word while recounting his attempts to win her back. Who said we only laugh in comedy shows ?

Fear of death

At ease in his burgundy hooded cotton, Badouri also lingered on his existential fears, including the fear of death. In this, the crowd was served to perfection with a slew of anecdotes of his own, including several arising from a hospital stay after being struck by cellulite, a close cousin of the flesh-eating bacteria. Physically diminished, he had to rely on his sweet half for his intimate toilet. “Never let your blonde wash you with a washcloth, she’ll put it in your face for the rest of your days …”

The multiple medical tests undergone gave rise to hilarious moments. CT scan, bronchoscopy, the inevitable digital rectal examination of the prostate, Rachid was not easy. “My orifices gave everything, like an open day at CEGEP: you go get information, and then you go out.”


If the first moments of the evening were weaker, with the endless differences between Parisians and Quebeckers, it did not take long for it to shoot down on the subject of racism. The comedian kindly made fun of his Moroccan origins and the Arabic language, not always attractive at first, nothing to do with that of Latinos. “Even herpes in Spanish is romantic.” Still, if it had not been for the Arabs, he noted, Quebecers would be taken with Roman numerals. “Try to leave your phone number in Roman numerals to a girl …”

The friendly humorist also paid tribute to the fairer sex. His description of his wife’s birth was particularly hilarious. “What did we do in this design project, boys , apart from making a deposit?”

This hyper protective father also shared his fear of seeing his daughter being the victim of violence. Hence his decision to enroll him in martial arts lessons. A passage where the humor was discreet, so the humorist takes the matter seriously.

At the end of the show, the hero of the evening was surprised to see his wife, his little girl and his collaborators (including Laurent Paquin) come out behind the scenes who gave him a gold ticket for the sale of 63,000 tickets for his show. Badouri took the opportunity to proudly present his father, who was present in the audience, to the crowd.

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