The Royal Doctors have given the Queen of England the green light for her annual holiday activities. Nevertheless, there are some changes for the 95-year-old.

After a turbulent year, the Queen can look forward to a wonderful Christmas with her loved ones.

Queen breaks this year with three Christmas traditions

However, there are some changes in the process, which means that the 95-year-old has to break with some traditions. One of them is the train ride from London to Norfolk.

 Queen is breaking three Christmas traditions this year

Every year the monarch used public transport to travel to Kings Lynn train station in the English county.


  • Queen Elizabeth (95) has struggled with health problems in recent months.

  • As a result, she had to cancel some public appointments and relax at Windsor Castle.

  • The doctors have now given her the green light for the Christmas celebrations with the family.

  • In doing so, however, she is breaking three traditions.

While the queen had to do without a big family Christmas last year due to the corona pandemic, she will bring everyone together again in 2021. Good news – and not just for the Queen. After all, her health caused a stir in the last few months, she had to cancel numerous public appointments and, on medical advice, was only allowed to do “light” desk work.

Now the doctors have given her the green light for the Christmas holidays, as the Daily Mail reports – but with several downsides. The 95-year-old has to forego some of the usual traditions this year.

The Christmas speech

Queen Elizabeth has been recording her traditional Christmas speech to the people in Buckingham Palace for years. Since the beginning of the pandemic, however, she has lived mainly at Windsor Castle, which is why the speech, which airs annually on December 25th, is recorded on her property in Berkshire for this reason. In her message, she is sure to lose loving words about her husband, Prince Philip, who died in April.

The Christmas lunch

The members of the British royal family celebrate Christmas Eve every year in Sandringham. Before leaving, the Queen invites her loved ones to lunch at Buckingham Palace – at least that was the custom. In order to keep the Queen's travel time short and to protect her from the ongoing pandemic, according to the British newspaper, the monarch will receive her family this year either at Windsor Castle or directly in Sandringham.

The Christmas journey

Given her poor health and her age, it can be assumed that the Queen will cover the distance from Windsor to Sandringham this time by helicopter. It has always been a tradition for the 95-year-old to take a train from London in under two hours to Kings Lynn train station in the county of Norfolk, where she is then chauffeured in a thirty-minute drive to Sandringham.

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