Public transit is a priority for Aubin

Le transport collectif, une priorité pour Aubin

The buses that pass every 15 minutes on major routes in urban areas, implementation of parking incentives, the creation of a car sharing system. Here are some of the proposals made by the applicant to the city hall of Trois-Rivières, Jean-François Aubin, unveiled on Wednesday its commitments in terms of public transit.

Although he recognized that much has already been done, in particular as regards the transit at the level of the Société de transport de Trois-Rivières (RTC), Jean-François Aubin believes that now, it is a positioning that is clear from the policy that will make it a step further and improve the supply of public transportation in Trois-Rivières.

“Often, when it comes to transit, it is the chicken or the egg. Me, I’m betting that by further improving the service, people will be much more likely to use it”, he says.

As well, Mr. Aubin believes that it is time to return the bus to the taste of the day. “The highest demand of citizens is to increase the frequency of buses. People find that it is still too long to move from one point to another in the city. We must, in the long term, develop bus schedules to 15 minutes on the great trips in urban areas and increase frequency on the other. This will become more interesting and user friendly to take the bus. Especially that we know that it is a privileged means of transport by students, to the elders and several of the workers. Besides, it is a demand not only of the population but companies trifluviennes who believe that this will be a facilitating factor for the recruitment of labour,” says the candidate.

Mr. Aubin insists that this improvement will lead to increase of taxes, given that he expects to be able to fetch more money on the side of the other levels of government, which subsidizes the transit cities like Montreal and Quebec to a level really higher than the proportion of the population, is thus of the view. The RTC, currently funded at about one-third by government subsidies, should be able to count on the half of its funding levels, said Mr Aubin.

To encourage the use of buses and carpools, the applicant proposes to implement parking incentives at different strategic places of the city.

He also wants to implement a car sharing system, such as Communauto in Montreal. “There are models in the large cities, but also in the smaller, as Victoriaville. I say, why not in Three Rivers? And for many families, it would often come to settle the question of the purchase of a second car, in addition to helping in the fight to climate change,” says the candidate.

Taking into account the traffic increased by this new offer, Jean-François Aubin estimated that between 3 and $ 5 million will be necessary for the realization of this pledge, which will be done step by step. Of the money that he has to go look at the higher levels, working in concert with the three members of the provincial parliament in which the counties related to Trois-Rivières.

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