Private nurseries want to offer kindergarten 4 years

Les garderies privées veulent offrir la maternelle 4 ans

Fearing for their survival, private centres of Quebec available to the government to open kindergarten classes for 4 years in their premises.

“This would be a nice solution. We could open our doors to the teachers, who could work hand-in-hand with the educators,” says Suzanne Gagnon, director general of the Association of child care non-subsidized facility (the).

Ms. Gagnon explained that the owners of private nurseries have invested heavily in recent years to build and create places that are safe for small children. With the massive influx of kindergarten 4 years of age announced by the government Legault, they are afraid of losing their investment.

“We say that it could also address a need in the school environment, which lack of space in several areas to open the nursery school 4 years old,” Ms. Gagnon added.

A meeting is scheduled Wednesday between the minister of the Family Mathieu Lacombe and the AGNSI. “I am certain that with the pragmatism of the government Legault, we are going to find a way to agree.”

Already closures

The end of this week, the owners announced that they were closing on the 1st of march, three of their private day care centers in Lévis, either The Box hugs, The Box and magic Box of smiles. The parents of one hundred children have a few days to find new places for their toddlers.

The shortage of skilled labour was discussed by the owners. Without knowing all the context around these closures precipitated, Ms. Gagnon believes that they reflect the “sense of panic” in this moment in its network.

“People are afraid. They wonder what will happen with their nursery in the next few years, and yes, there may be a certain” panic, expresses she.

In Quebec, the network of private nurseries is the second largest, after that of the early childhood centres (CPE). “We entered the game at the moment where the government had no money to develop subsidized places and to meet a need of the parents,” says Ms. Gagnon.

It now houses 65 000 toddlers, of which a third are between the ages of 4 years old. According to an impact analysis released by the department of Education last week, the implementation of the kindergarten 4 years throughout Quebec in 2023 would cause annual losses of 187 to $ 385 million in private nurseries and daycares.

More details to come

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