PQ refoundation: a declaration on independence will be unveiled

The Parti Quebecois (PQ) will unveil a declaration of principles on independence next week for adoption at its November convention.
This will be one of his two main proposals to be presented at this re-founding convention in Trois-Rivières, according to what La Presse canadienne has learned . The other proposal completely changes the party’s internal rules to modernize them.

The PQ says it wants to be more “attentive to people’s needs”.

It was not possible to consult the wording of the proposals that will be made public next week during the PQ’s elected caucus in Valleyfield.

In an interview with La Presse canadienne on Thursday, PQ President Gabrielle Lemieux said the training wants to “meet the people” with a new approach.

The party wants to “refocus” its action on the independence of Quebec, she said, but not only talking about sovereignty.

“Not just talking, but listening, and that’s learning, a lesson you have to remember. Although it is our social project, we can also listen to people’s needs. ”

The statement of principles on independence is in less than two pages, which is “already a success in the PQ to clarify who we are in a few words,” said Ms. Lemieux.

Both proposals come from a long process of 125 consultations and an online questionnaire.

“The conclusion is quite clear: we really had to go back to the service of independence, but also modernize our approach to independence, it was a challenge we had and we have confidence we managed to the address. [1/8] … [3/8] The PQ will no longer have 20 or 30 priorities, it will have one, advance independence. ”

Another clear finding is that “people want more consistency” and a more effective organization to better promote independence, she said. The structure of the training and its rules had not been reviewed for a very long time.

“We started from a blank page” to learn from the “innovative practices” of other parties around the world, commented Ms. Lemieux. Both proposals may be enhanced at upcoming regional conventions prior to the National Convention.

This November convention must give birth to a “new Parti Québécois”. The PQ will then elect a new leader in 2020, and the next challenge will be the 2022 elections.

“We have every hope of winning the future elections,” concluded the PQ President, who will finish her term at the October convention.

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