Strollers, walking aids, bits, jewelry, clothes or bags. There is a lot piling up at the lost and found office of the Lucerne police. Now it is cleared out again.

In the Lucerne police lost property office, mountains of bags and …

Police put found-objects online, but bits are disposed of

other accessories such as umbrellas.

police put lost-objects online But bits will be disposed of

Electronic devices like this projector are also being auctioned off.

That's what it's all about

  • Because of Corona, the Lucerne Police's lost property office has been offering lost property on the Ricardo online auction house since 2020.

  • Sometimes the lost and found office in Lucerne also receives curious objects. Such as walking aids or strollers.

  • However, all lost and found items cannot be sold. Any dentures found. These are disposed of.

  • The proceeds from online sales flow into the canton's state treasury.

It is not always possible to trace the owner of items found and returned. This begs the question of what is done with the goods when they pile up in the Lucerne police's lost property office? “The objects are stored for a year in accordance with the legal requirements,” said Urs Wigger, media spokesman for the Lucerne police. Then they fall under the auction hammer at the Ricardo Internet auction house based in Zug, which, like 20 Minuten, belongs to the TX Group.

High demand for branded goods and electronics

The lost and found office of the Lucerne police sells a wide variety of objects on Ricardo under the name “Fundbuero_Luzern”: “There is a whole range of objects that you can imagine. From bits and walking aids to strollers, ”says Urs Wigger. Alcohol, electronic devices and branded goods have also been auctioned. In addition, everyday products such as clothing or accessories are also offered.

And the articles arouse great interest: «Most of the articles can be sold. Electronic devices, branded goods and jewelry are particularly in demand. The proceeds from the auctions then flow into the treasury of the Canton of Lucerne, ”Wigger continued. Items that cannot be sold will be donated. These can be clothes, but also plush toys or other toys. Prerequisite: They must not be too badly damaged.

Switched to the Internet because of Corona

However, not all items that have been lost and found are suitable for donation: “Bits that are not picked up must be destroyed. This also applies to items that are worthless or defective. ”

The auctions have only been held online since 2020 due to the corona pandemic. Wigger: “Before the corona pandemic, the objects were auctioned by the City of Lucerne's debt collection office.” The debt enforcement office also carried out auctions for other offices such as the division office. “But during the pandemic, the items will now be temporarily auctioned off by the lost and found office of the Lucerne police via Ricardo,” says Wigger, and in general the experience with sales via the online portal has been positive.

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