A cheating couple had made a living from the profits from crime. Shortly before Christmas they are now in custody separately.

A couple in Austria was guilty of several crimes.

Police catches an internet scammer

Among other things, they sold expensive smartphones …

 Police catch an internet scammer pair

… and game consoles.


  • An Austrian and a German have been up to mischief in Austria.

  • They offered game consoles and mobile phones for sale on various platforms on the Internet.

  • However, they had acquired these under false identities.

  • They also made money laundering a criminal offense.

The 33-year-old Austrian and her German friend (31) are said to have been busy for about a year and ripped off good citizens throughout Austria. In addition to profitable criminal acts through prepayment, order and rental fraud, the couple also specialized in Internet fraud.

Their trick: According to the police, they offered game consoles and high-quality mobile phones for sale on various platforms (Facebook Marketplace, Willhaben, Shpock) that they had obtained with a false identity and through concluded cell phone contracts. The payment transfer was then processed via so-called “money mules” – people recruited for money laundering.

Police investigated

In September 2021, police officers from Liezen in Austria first became aware of the machinations of the two after several reports of internet fraud had been filed. When the executive took a call from a vacation home owner on December 2nd, everything went very quickly.

The 46-year-old wanted to check his vacation home at around 9 a.m. and discovered numerous objects such as books, pictures and furniture from his own house in the couple's rental car. The local confronted the couple, who had rented under a false name and was about to leave, and notified the police. Thereupon the two alleged fraudsters took up their legs and fled to an adjacent forest. Police officers were finally able to quickly merge previous knowledge to determine the identity of the two and to research the whereabouts of the couple.

The confession

That same evening at around 8 p.m., both of them were arrested in an accommodation in the Liezen district after they had again rented themselves under false names. There was also a puppy in the room, for which the couple had previously only paid half the purchase price.

Both of them confessed extensively to the allegations and were brought to a prison by order of the Steyr public prosecutor's office. Both gave money problems as a motive. The previous damage amount is at least 60,000 euros. Further investigations are being carried out by the State Criminal Police Office of Upper Austria.


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