Plastic: reduce the dose

Like many people, I care about the environment and the means at my disposal to make a difference.
A oday, no one disputes the importance of reducing plastics and most people now bring their bags to the grocery store. At the SAQ, we solved the problem, although not yet for the glass.

I asked myself the question why our pharmacists do not systematically ask us to bring back our little jars of medicine to fill them when we fill prescriptions. Already, first measure of reduction, I do them every three months rather than monthly.

An article in the Journal de MontrĂ©al, published on April 26, 2019, tells us that 80 pharmacies have gone green. We present an interview with Mr. Marc-AndrĂ© Mailhot, president and founder of Maillon Vert. This company would be “the only one in Quebec” to design programs to help pharmacies in this direction.

Considering the number of pharmacies in Quebec, these beginnings obviously remain very modest. If we implemented at least a few eco-responsible strategies in Canada and everywhere else in the world (bags, containers, etc.), we can easily imagine the astronomical quantity of plastics that could be recovered and reused, or even eliminated. Why not use recycled paper bags when possible?

What do Jean Coutu, Uniprix, Brunet think? They have a powerful remedy at their disposal.

I discuss this with my pharmacist. And you?

Could our beautiful Quebec city become an example to follow?

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