Pierre Karl Peladeau steals the show at the Bloc rally

The big boss of Quebecor stole the show at a rally of the Bloc Quebecois on Sunday. Pierre Karl Péladeau took the opportunity to shoot red ball on the upcoming sale of Transat to Air Canada, two days after the shareholders gave the green light.
D aced the Bloc activists, Mr. Péladeau – who was head of the Parti Québécois for less than a year – said that “now”, he would focus on keeping social Quebec seats in the province.

The businessman did not fail to flay the Premier of Quebec and former CEO of Air Transat, Francois Legault, who would not have raised “a single little finger” to oppose the decision control of the airline by Air Canada.

Mr. Péladeau, who raised his fist briefly, received a standing ovation from the thirty or so candidates and some 350 Bloc activists gathered at the Roussin Community Center in Pointe-aux-Trembles, in the riding of MP Mario Beaulieu.

It was the Bloc leader, Yves-François Blanchet, who invited Mr. Péladeau to deliver a speech at the rally held for the inauguration of Mr. Beaulieu on Sunday. Mr. Péladeau does not have an official role in the next campaign, but does not close the door to get involved with the Bloc.

Reconciling the economy and the environment

The only sovereignist party in Ottawa plans to highlight the importance of reconciling “wealth creation and the environment” during the next election campaign, a theme that Mr. Peladeau says he fully endorses.

In Mr. Blanchet’s opinion, the Bloc must “dream people” with a green society project while contributing to “economic nationalism”.

“It’s not a priest’s job that punishes the world, the environment,” Blanchet said. It’s an economic model. It is a way of creating wealth in Quebec with our research centers, with our natural resources, with our own energy, with our engineering. ”

In his speech, the leader also launched several attacks on the Trudeau government, accusing it of brandishing long-promised promises on the eve of elections to win votes. “This is a hostage,” repeated the Bloc leader.

He cited as an example the aid promised to the media or the checks promised before the end of the year for Quebec agricultural producers to compensate for losses due to international trade agreements.

Bloc optimists

With the NDP in decline in voting intentions and the Liberals’ star fading in the past four years, the Bloc members are dreaming of a Bloc comeback.

The leader hopes to even double the deputation of his party, by electing at least 20 deputies in the poll of October 21.

The Bloc Quebecois candidate in Honoré-Mercier, Jacques Binette, agrees that the last few years have been difficult for the Bloc with the many crises under the leadership of former Chief Martine Ouellet.

“We had a 2018 year that was really calamitous, so do not tell stories. But in terms of funding, since last December, we are in a good position, “says Binette.

The long-time sovereignist also feels a wave of optimism for the Bloc in 2019. He believes that his party can rally sovereignty from all walks of life and voters disappointed by the other parties on the federal scene.

Sunday’s rally, which was to mark the Bloc’s “precamp”, brought together some 350 activists.

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