The first tablet against Covid-19 has now been approved in the USA. Authorities in the EU are also positive about the drug.

The corona tablet Paxlovid from US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has received emergency approval in the USA.

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The US government has already bought ten million doses of the product.

Corona-tablet from Pfizer receives emergency approval

An interim analysis of test results showed Pfizer that the drug reduced the risk of hospital admissions and death in Covid-19 patients by 89 percent.

That's what

  • Paxlovid from Pfizer is allowed to be administered in the USA.

  • According to the manufacturer, the drug should drastically reduce the number of deaths and hospitalizations.

  • Experts point out that the drug is not a substitute for vaccination.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued emergency approval for a corona tablet from the US manufacturer Pfizer. Corona patients aged twelve and over who have tested positive with mild to moderate symptoms and a high risk of worsening the disease are to be treated with Paxlovid, the FDA wrote on Wednesday. According to the FDA, it is the first Covid drug in the USA that can be taken in tablet form. According to the manufacturer, paxlovid can be prescribed by a doctor at the first signs of infection. The drug is said to be available on prescription in the US but free of charge.

A week ago, the EU medicines agency Ema had already announced that paxlovid could be used to treat adult patients who do not need additional oxygen and who have an increased risk of a severe course. The Ema cites a study in which patients received the drug who did not yet need to be admitted to hospital. The drug has not yet been officially approved in the EU, but the process is ongoing.

USA bought ten million doses

The US government said it had bought ten million cans for $ 5.3 billion (4.9 billion Swiss francs). Deliveries could start this year. “Since the production of this pill takes time due to the complex scientific process, production will be ramped up in the coming months,” said US President Joe Biden. Accordingly, more than 250,000 cans should be available in January.

According to the company from the beginning of November, the corona pill is very successful in preventing severe disease progression in high-risk patients. An interim analysis of test results found the drug reduced the risk of hospital admissions and death in Covid-19 patients by 89 percent, according to Pfizer. Possible side effects include impaired taste, diarrhea, high blood pressure and muscle pain.

Corona drugs are not a substitute for vaccination

Drugs such as paxlovid are considered by experts to be a pillar of the fight against coronavirus. Compared to preventive vaccinations, however, they are significantly more expensive and often more complicated to use. Paxlovid should be administered a maximum of five days after the onset of symptoms. Before they were approved, they were tested in fewer people than the vaccines – which have also been administered billions of times around the world for months and are being monitored in parallel. The FDA also announced on Wednesday that the now approved drug is no substitute for a vaccination for the general population.

Paxlovid consists, among other things, of the active ingredient nirmatrelvir, which inhibits a Sars-CoV-2 protein. This is to stop the spread of the virus

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