Perron remembers Nolan and Heatley

For David Perron, the NHL All-Star Game, it’s the memory of seeing Mario Lemieux, Joe Sakic and company at work. It is also Owen Nolan who takes himself for Babe Ruth in 1997 by pointing to the place where he will mark. Or even the four goals of Dany Heatley in 2003. But this year, it will be Sherbrooke’s turn to write history.
No , the St. Louis Blues forward does not intend to compete with Shea Weber in the most powerful throw. Or to beat Connor McDavid. What he wants is first to win the game and the title of the player of the match, but also to participate in the brand new event of precision throwing from the stands.

“I’ll leave the strongest shot to Shea!” And I have no chance against Connor! It is understood that on the speed side, I am simply trying to keep myself in the middle. Otherwise, I drag a wrist injury, so I will be limited a bit. The new test will be spectacular. I would love to be part of it. The puck agility test could be fun. Nothing has been decided in fact yet. I have the impression that the captains will make their choices this Friday, just before the start of the All-Star weekend, ”suggests number 57 of the Blues.

Recall that the Sherbrookois was chosen in the second ballot – supporters were called to vote for their favorite players – after experiencing the disappointment of being ignored in the first round of selections.

“I wanted it so much. I wanted to participate in this match because I felt that this season I deserved my place. I was eating at the restaurant, all alone in St Louis, when I received a call from my DG Doug Armstrong. I was very happy. Because when the unveiling of the first players took place, Doug led me into the background to announce that our goalkeeper Jordan Binnington, our captain Alex Pietrangelo and my teammate Ryan O’Reilly had been chosen, but not me. Although they all deserve their place, with the season I know, I expected to be named. But my CEO told me that the team would be with me to help me get my place. I received all the support from the St Louis community. It was impressive to see. ”

In addition, the All-Star Game will take place at his home in the St Louis Enterprise Center on Saturday.

“It will be exceptional. I will be there with my children, my parents and my family. My coach Craig Berube will be behind the bench and I hope to be able to play with Ryan O’Reilly, with whom I have developed a great bond on the ice. Since we have been evolving together, the combination seems perfect, ”points out David Perron, just arriving at his residence in Magog in order to take advantage of part of his leave.

First participation, third presence

If this is his first participation in the real All-Star Game, it will be his third visit to the event.

“I took part in the rookie game in Montreal in my first year in the NHL and the following season there was a clash between rookies and second year players in Atlanta: I was there. I was hoping one day to be able to play the real part of the stars. It’s so many memories of youth. We all watched this match when we were younger! ”

Recognized for the magic of his hands, David Perron admits that he has not yet thought of a fake signature or another spectacular idea to raise the crowd.

“I have absolutely nothing prepared,” he laughs. I’m just glad to be there. It’s still impressive to see that a small market like St Louis is able to win the cup, host a star game and see four of its players be invited in addition to a coach, all in the same year. It is one more dream that I will live. Not to mention the fact that my teammates and I are still hungry for another Stanley Cup! ”

Fans reassured

Having obtained 49 points, including 21 goals, in 49 games, David Perron reassured some fans who feared he would sit on his laurels after winning the Stanley Cup.

The day after his conquest, Perron said that even if he did not score a single goal in his career, the important thing was to have won the Stanley Cup. Several amateurs had taken this quotation literally.

“It’s the bad side of media and social media. I was disappointed with the reaction of some amateurs because it should not be seen in a negative way. It was my way of showing how important it was to me. I responded in my own way by experiencing one of my best season starts. ”

The good

David Perron formula is the first to admit it: this classic is more of a marketing event than anything else.

“It’s a match for the media and the fans . But I sincerely believe that the formula is the right one. It’s exciting to see three-on-three games. Then I have a hard time believing that during the final confrontation, the players will not skate at full speed. We want to win this game and also, the price is still big for the player of the match. We all want to win the car! But above all, we will feel like children on the ice playing with the best in the world. “

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