Since the end of the first shutdown, restaurants in Lucerne have benefited from low fees in public outdoor areas. Now the full price applies again. An advance wants to prevent this.

Restaurants in the city of Lucerne have the option of putting their tables and chairs outside on parking lots during the corona pandemic To entertain guests.

outdoor spaces can be found for bars and restaurants to become more expensive

By 2021 the fees were even halved. The full tariff will apply again from 2022.

 Outside spaces could be more expensive for bars and restaurants

A postulate by SP and Mitte also requires usage fees to be halved in 2022.

That's what

  • Catering establishments in Lucerne can also use public land in 2022.

  • But this year they have to dig deeper into their pockets.

  • SP and Mitte want to keep the tariffs lower.

  • For the Gastro Luzern Association, outside seating is an important factor for the catering industry.

In the city of Lucerne, it will be possible to stool out for the stains again in 2022. The city council is extending the permit for the limited use of outdoor catering areas until the end of 2022. Catering establishments can submit an application to the city for an extension until the end of January.

In contrast to the last two years, this could become more expensive for restaurateurs. Because if the usage fees for the public space were halved by the city in the last two years, the producers will have to pay the full price again from 2022.

City hoped for a more relaxed location

Now an urgent postulate from the SP and Mitte demands that the fees should continue to be halved, because “the pandemic situation is currently deteriorating enormously and the restaurants continue to suffer disproportionately from it.” The city council of Lucerne will decide on this at the meeting on January 27th. But why did the regulation on the use of the outdoor area only apply until the end of 2021? Postulant Regula Müller (SP) suspects that the city government hoped the situation had now eased and it was now back to before the pandemic. For Müller, the low fees are an important step in continuing to support the catering industry.

Due to the current situation, Müller also expects good chances for the advance. “We submitted the postulate together with the center and I think that we also have the votes of the Greens.” It is difficult for Müller to assess what it looks like from the right. «Based on the vote, we will see which parties really support the industry and which do not.»

Outside seating opens up perspectives

“The SVP has not yet taken an opinion on this,” says SVP parliamentary group president Thomas Gfeller. “In the current situation, however, it is probably the only right decision to keep the fees low.” Gfeller notes, however, that a different regulation will be needed in the aftermath of the pandemic. “The public space doesn't just consist of bars and restaurants. This can quickly lead to usage conflicts. »

For Gastro-Luzern-President Ruedi Stöckli, the move is very welcome. We have had good experiences with the boulevard pubs in the past, “We are assuming that 2G + will also be available in bars and restaurants, and that is where chairing out opens up new perspectives.” Halving the usage tariffs would make outdoor seating more affordable for businesses. However, it is not a guarantee for a high-turnover season. “In the end, the weather decides whether the guests sit outside.”

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