The 17th season of “Germany's next top model” is in the starting blocks. At the beginning of February, Heidi Klum is again looking for the most beautiful in the whole country. But this time something should be different.

“Germany’s next top model” goes into the 17th round. And this time too, “Diversity” is capitalized.

& laquo ; Our youngest is 18, the oldest 68 & raquo;

31 candidates go on a model journey with the 48-year-old.

& laquo; Our youngest is 18 , the & Auml; oldest 68 & raquo;

It should lead them from Athens via Mykonos to Los Angeles.

That's what it's all about

  • Heidi Klum is looking for “Germany's next top model” again from February 3rd.

  • The 17th edition of the model -Casting show is filmed in Los Angeles and on the Greek island of Mykonos, among others.

  • But that's not all: As the 48-year-old model mom reveals, the age difference between the candidates this year is greater than ever before.

  • The first guest jurors have also been announced. Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier (69) and singer Kylie Minogue (53) should help in the search for Germany's next top model.

On February 3, Heidi Klum will be looking for Germany's next top model again. And in the 17th edition of the model show on Prosieben everything should be different – again. At least that is what the 48-year-old promises and the broadcaster has already announced some details about the new season on Instagram.

The locations

While the last time the film was shot exclusively in Europe due to Corona, this time the young models went around the world again. In addition to Heidi's hometown Los Angeles, the film was shot on the Greek island of Mykonos. According to the German private broadcaster, the upcoming edition starts in Athens.

The guest jury

The jury concept per se will not change in 2022. As in the previous year, only Heidi Klum has a fixed place and decides on the progress of the candidates. However, she will again receive support from top-class guests from the fashion and entertainment industry – and they can actually be seen in the 17th season. “The guest jurors include: French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier (69), actress and pop icon Kylie Minogue (53), star photographers Rankin (55) and Yu Tsai and the English fashion designer Christian Cowan, ”said a post on Instagram. More names will be announced during the season.

The candidates

Heidi Klum takes 31 candidates on the model journey. And once again the audience is promised «Diversity». “My cast has never been so diverse,” Heidi told Prosieben. In the 17th edition, this should actually be true. The young models couldn't be more different. According to the German broadcaster, the casting was open to models with sizes from 30 to 54.

Likewise, size and age should no longer play a role. “Our youngest is 18, the oldest 68”, Heidi tells Prosieben – and confesses during a press conference: “That's why I thought to myself, I can no longer call her a 'girl'. Although I know how much everyone will miss the way I say 'my girls'. ” But she is still looking for a model who has that certain something. Nowadays, the demand for diversity is greater than ever.

Particularly exciting: For the first time there is a mother-daughter constellation. “I mean, of course, the two of them compete against each other anyway. I think both are great, at the moment I can't say who is ahead of the game, ”says the model boss enthusiastically. «The daughter is 18, the mother is 50.»

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