With his bizarre appearance on “ZiB-Flash”, ORF presenter Roman Rafreider was the target of ridicule and malice on social media. In the meantime, however, some users see it differently.

On Tuesday, the long-time ORF presenter Roman Rafreider caused a sensation. The 52-year-old appeared visibly impaired in the “ZiB-Flash”.

That's what

  • ORF presenter Roman Rafreider moderated the program “ZiB-Flash”, visibly impaired.

  • Apparently he had taken a sedative before his assignment.

  • After the attacks on social media, the ailing journalist received encouragement.

Since the “ZiB Nacht” broadcast on Tuesday evening, presenter Roman Rafreider has been heavily criticized – and even mocked. The ORF star was visibly impaired, only made it through the show with a lot of effort. On Wednesday it became clear that the 52-year-old had learned of tragic circumstances in his private environment immediately before his deployment.

While some media in Austria report that Rafreider's father was in intensive care last night – and has since died – others write that acquaintances denied this. Either way: Rafreider is now receiving support on social media for the tough moment he's currently experiencing.

One of the first to comment on this was the actress Mavie Hörbiger. She understands his dazed appearance, she writes on Twitter. After the death of her father, she almost had to break off a performance because “nothing worked” for her. Rafreider shouldn't lose his job, demands the 42-year-old.

Rafreider had not consumed alcohol before the show, it was said from several sides to “Today”. Rather, the presenter tried to alleviate his condition by taking a sedative in order to be able to moderate the program – without success. His “ZiB Nacht” moderation became a sad Internet hit almost immediately.

It looks different on Wednesday evening: In such a situation, others would have “stayed at home” in Rafreider's place, tweeted a user. «But he still made the show in spite of everything! Hats off! »

One user describes what happened during the broadcast as a “cry for help”. She writes: “Everyone has a different outlet for blatant impacts in life.”

You don't have to “digitally” a person because they made a serious mistake, believes one user.

This opinion is also shared by another user who demands more understanding from the audience. “There shouldn't be any malice,” she writes on Twitter.

A user sees the responsibility for the faux pas with the ORF producers, because they shouldn't have let the presenter go on air in that state .

No time to pull the emergency brake before the ORF performance

The ORF immediately suspended Roman Rafreider after the incident. “The case and legal consequences are being examined by the HR department today. Rafreider internally apologized for the incident yesterday evening and explained with personal reasons, ”said ORF on Wednesday in an official statement.

An ORF employee explained in a phone call with “Today” why no one pulled the emergency brake. Accordingly, Rafreider made himself scarce immediately before the broadcast, and did not let anyone notice his condition. When he appeared in the studio, it was only minutes until the broadcast. A “ZiB Nacht” employee: “Our hearts were bleeding, but we had to go through with the show. We were hoping that somehow he would make it through the show without an accident. In vain. »

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