After the moderator appeared dazed during a broadcast, the broadcaster suspended him. Now Rafreider should not be in front of the camera for at least six months.

On Tuesday, the long-time ORF presenter Roman Rafreider caused a sensation. The 52-year-old appeared visibly impaired in the program “ZiB-Flash”. Here is an excerpt.

That's what it's all about

  • The long-time ORF presenter Roman Rafreider caused confusion this week with a dazed TV appearance.

  • So he made slip of the tongue, leaned on the moderation desk and seemed to babble.

  • Shortly before the broadcast, he is said to have learned of tragic circumstances in his family and therefore took a sedative.

  • The broadcaster suspended the 52-year-old, but made it clear that there was no dismissal will give.

  • It is now clear how things will continue with Rafreider's employment at ORF for the time being.

He had balance problems, articulated indistinctly and made slip of the tongue: The moderation of Roman Rafreider in the “ZiB Flash” broadcast on Tuesday evening provided a topic of conversation beyond national borders. People speculated about the moderator's alcohol level and the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) shortly afterwards announced to “Der Standard” that Rafreider had been suspended immediately.

The station's statement also said: “The case and legal consequences will be examined by the HR department.” Now the ORF has made a decision together with Rafreider, as the “Kronen Zeitung” wrote on Friday afternoon. The company management and the 52-year-old agreed on a six-month unpaid break.

It is unclear whether Rafreider will return to his previous position after the break. Its exact area of ​​application has yet to be determined. It is therefore also conceivable that the Austrian will no longer be in front of the camera or even voluntarily resign from his position.

Dazed because of sedative pill

As 20 Minuten has already found out, it was not alcohol but a sedative that was to blame for Rafreider's dazed TV appearance. The ORF presenter almost collapsed immediately before the broadcast after learning something bad. Before his appearance, he had therefore taken a sedative pill – which he could not tolerate. The ORF presenter was completely dazed after taking it and was blown by the wind. Nevertheless, he thought he could pack the shipment. He now sees this as a mistake.

Rafreider explains his bad mental state for personal and family reasons, but does not give any further details. It is assumed that the ORF presenter learned of the death of a close family member shortly before the broadcast.

At the beginning, Rafreider was given a lot of support on social media. For example, actress Mavie Hörbiger wrote on Twitter: “After the death of my father, a performance almost had to be stopped because nothing worked for me. It doesn't justify anything but I understand. He shouldn't lose his job for it. ”

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