Marco Odermatt shows a brilliant performance in the first Super-G of the season. He drives away from the competition and wins the race. The Swiss are convincing as a team.

Strong drive from Odermatt

Marco Odermatt drove in a league of its own in the first Super-G in Beaver Creek. He distanced Matthias Mayer by 0.78 seconds. (Video: SRF)

Both speed events canceled in Lake Louise will be rescheduled this weekend in Beaver Creak. So there are four races in total in Colorado. On Thursday evening, the first athletes dared the so-called “Birds of Prey” in the first Super-G of the season. The last race on the slopes was held in 2019 – won by Marco Odermatt. The 24-year-old was also one of the favorites in Thursday's race.

The race started with a shock: Matthieu Bailet said goodbye to the track after a few seconds and ended up in a safety net. The number 2, Dominik Paris, did not make it to the finish either. Matthias Mayer, the winner of the Lake Louise descent, set the first guideline time.

Marco Odermatt entered the race with the number 7. The Nidwalden pressed the accelerator right from the start. After two intermediate times he was already half a second ahead of Mayer. Despite a moment of shock shortly before the finish line, Odermatt was able to extend its lead. In the end, he pulverized the best time by 0.78 seconds. The joy was to see Odermatt in the leader box. In an interview with SRF he said: “Unbelievable, I don't know exactly how it was done. I thought after the second passage that I screwed it up and so I risked again downstairs. It's a deja vu to victory two years ago. Everything went perfectly. ”

Kryenbühl makes a comeback

The next Swiss Loïc Meillard, however, caught the eye with a strong first interim A mistake in the middle part cost him the whole pace and in the end he was over two seconds behind. Beat Feuz couldn't keep up with the top or Odermatt and lost over 1.5 seconds.

With the number 21, Urs Kryenbühl made his comeback after the serious fall in Kitzbühel. After crossing the finish line, he was 1.80 seconds behind Odermatt. In one section of the route he even set the fastest time. Gino Caviezel and Justin Murisier also made a great performance. Caviezel and Murisier even cracked the top 10 with their numbers 30 and 34, respectively. Since Kryenbühl's interim best time was the only time someone drove faster than Odermatt, the 24-year-old celebrated his next victory in Beaver Creek.

With the number 35, Broderick Thompson surprised everything. He pushed Andreas Sander off the podium and placed third behind Mayer and Odermatt. There is almost no recreation for the speed drivers. The next Super-G will follow on the same slope on Friday evening.

The Swiss:

1. Marco Odermatt

8. Justin Murisier +1.26

10. Gino Caviezel +1.39

12. Stefan Rogentin + 1.52

12. Beat Feuz +1.52

16. Urs Kryenbühl +1.80

18. Thomas Tumler + 1.95

20. Ralph Weber + 2.05

28. Niels Hintermann + 2.60

31. Loic Meillard +2.82

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We say goodbye and wish you a nice Thursday evening.

 Odermatt outclasses the competition and wins the Super-G

Weber and Rogentin in the top 20

Two other drivers contribute to the great team result of the Swiss team. Rogentin ranks 12th at the same time as Beat Feuz, for Weber it is currently 19th.

This means that two Swiss are still on top:

  • # 42 Niels Hintermann

  • # 48 Thomas Tumler

Thompson goes on the podium!

Yes there is that! The Canadian with starting number 35 pushes Andreas Sander off the podium!

3. 1: 09.56 (+0.95)

33. Justin Murisier (SUI)

The Valais already had problems in the upper part of the track in downhill training on Wednesday. Even today it remains there for over half a second.

But then Murisier turns it up, doesn't lose much time and ends up in 7th place! Strong from the Valais!

7. 1: 09.87 (+1.26)

«Today it went perfectly!»

The beaming winner over SRF:

“It's a deja vu to victory two years ago. Everything went perfectly. I haven't been able to analyze the ride yet, but my bad feeling during the ride was probably wrong. I feel the progress. Two years ago it was more of a lucky punch, but today I was able to drive optimally at the limit. I always knew that I wasn't at my limit yet and now I can do it with the necessary confidence. »

The top 10 after 30 drivers

Odermatt outclasses the competition and wins the Super-G

What is Gino Caviezel showing?

At the end of the Top 30, another Swiss player follows. The Bündner takes full risk and this pays off at the top. Shortly before the finish, he briefly loses his balance, but that will probably be his best Super-G result (10th place so far).

8. 1: 10.00 (+1.39)

Haaser stark

The 24-year-old Austrian creates an exclamation point. He ousted Beat Feuz from 8th place!

Next dropout

The Canadian Brodie Seger fails in the same place as Monsen before. The jump to the finish was a problem for some drivers (also for Odermatt).

Top 10 unchanged

Giezendanner (FRA), Babinsky (AUT) and Crawford (CAN) it is not enough for a place in the top 10. In addition, Johan Clarey, who should have started the race with the starting number 23, has to forego the start.

Then the bitter end of Monsen . The Swede was on the podium in the last interim!

Switzerland is currently not only the leader but also the bottom with Loic Meillard. After a lightning start, the Romand made a serious mistake that cost him a lot of time.


Strong comeback after the fall in Kitzbühel last year! It's not enough for the top 10, but he should be satisfied.

11. 1: 10.41 (+1.80)

Intermediate class

Odermatt outclasses the competition and wins the Super-G

Conclusion after 20 drivers

Odermatt is currently in a league of its own. He took almost eight tenths and more from the previous competition. Matthias Mayer and Andreas Sander have come closest to the Swiss so far. But the battle for the top 5 is close.

Odermatt in the SRF interview

“Unbelievable, I don't know exactly how that was done. It's incredibly difficult. After the second passage I thought that I screwed it up and so I took another risk downstairs. »

20. Ryan Cochran-Siegle (USA)

The second of six local heroes to contest this Super G race cannot keep up with the top 10.

11. 1: 10.56 (+1.95)


There is not much to say about ball lightning. He has already achieved two downhill victories in Beaver Creek. Feuz installs a little too much caution, but still a good performance for the downhill specialist. He will then attack on Saturday and Sunday.

8. 1: 10.13 (+1.52)

18. Adrian Smiseth Sejersted (NOR)

Like many athletes before him, the Norwegian can keep up with Odermatt until the first split. But by the third split time at the latest, there is a clear gap on the board.

6. 1: 09.75 (+1.14)

17th Alexis Pinturault (FRA)

The Frenchman got the big crystal ball last winter and is undeniably an all-rounder. Upstairs everything looks clean and fast, but he also makes a mistake. Only intermediate rank 5 for Pinturault.

5. 1: 09.74 (+1.13)

You're right16. LOIC MEILLARD (SUI)

Now the next Swiss! The Neuchâtel man's first intermediate time lights up green, but then he too misjudges the key point. The gap at the finish line is correspondingly large. What a shame after this quick start!

11. 1: 11.43 (+2.82)

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