Noyade at Saint-Quentin: research continues

Research resumed on Tuesday morning at Île Saint-Quentin Park, hoping to find the 15-year-old, who was probably drowned Monday at 6 pm, when he was with his family in this location. The police officers of the Police Department of Trois-Rivières, firefighters, the Coast Guard as well as the divers of the Sûreté du Québec are at work to locate the body of the boy who can not be found.
R call that the young had spent part of the day Monday at the park of the island Saint-Quentin accompanied by his mother and his three brothers and sisters. At approximately 6:00 pm, while bathing, he would have shown signs of distress before sinking. Bathers who were nearby tried to help him, but to no avail. He has not been seen since.

On Tuesday morning, at about 9 am, the Sûreté du Québec divers set off at the marina on île Saint-Quentin and raked in the area where the young man was last seen, on the side of the beach facing the St. Lawrence River.

“The divers first made a search using a sonar, where they detected several underwater spots that would merit checking. Using a GPS, they then, during the afternoon, dived to check these places. It’s really a monk job that is done and we are doing everything possible to try to find him, “says Sergeant Luc Mongrain of the Directorate of Police of Trois-Rivières.

The Sureté du Québec divers scour the place where the youth was last seen on Monday night.

A large security perimeter prevented anyone from approaching the banks. Moreover, the park of Île Saint-Quentin has been completely closed by the municipal authorities to allow investigators to do their work. The park will remain closed until further notice.

Police officers from Trois-Rivières as well as the Coast Guard also raked the banks aboard boats, between Saint-Quentin Island and the boundaries of Champlain and Batiscan municipalities in an attempt to locate the young person, who could also have been carried away by the strong currents at this place.

The bathing season on Île Saint-Quentin ended last weekend, along with the municipal swimming pools, explains Trois-Rivières spokesman Guillaume Cholette-Janson. Thus, no more monitoring is done, and billboards tell visitors that swimming is at their risk. The buoys marking the supervised bathing area have also been removed, in order not to encourage people to go swimming there since it is no longer monitored, adds Mr. Cholette-Janson. Even the chairs normally used by lifeguards are no longer on the beach to avoid confusion.

Police and firefighters also raked the banks, from Île Saint-Quentin to the Champlain limits.

On Tuesday morning, employees and management of Île Saint-Quentin were also on the ground to respond to requests that may have been made by the authorities responsible for the investigation. They did not hide the fact that the event greatly shook the entire organization, but preferred to let the communications department of the City of Trois-Rivières deal with official statements and relations with journalists.

According to our information, the mother and children were cared for and left in the care of a social worker to help them through this ordeal. They did not attend the research on Tuesday morning.

Research to find the body of the teenager must resume Wednesday morning.

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