Clarissa Wellenbrink aims high. The entertainment gene runs in her family. Unlike her brother, the 25-year-old is drawn to television.

The little sister of musician Nico Santos (28) is now also drawn into the spotlight.

Now Nico Santos' sister wants to be in the spotlight

But not as a singer, as this picture on her Instagram account suggests.

Now Nico Santos' sister wants to be in the spotlight

The 25-year-old is following in the footsteps of her father Egon Wellenbrink (76): She wants to be on television.


  • Singer Nico Santos (28) has been delighting his fans for years with hits like “Like I Love You” and “Play with Fire”.

  • Now his little sister Clarissa Wellenbrink is also drawn into the spotlight.

  • In an interview with the German “Bild”, the native Spaniard reveals that she is aiming for a career on TV.

  • At the moment, the youngest of the Wellenbrinks has already landed a moderation job at a local television station on Mallorca.

While musician Nico Santos (28), whose real name is Nico Wellenbrink, has been making teenagers scream since he started his career in 2012, his sister Clarissa is currently planning a career on television. Her father Egon Wellenbrink (76) was a cult TV figure and shot more than 130 commercials for the Melitta coffee brand from 1989 to 1999. The presenter also worked for Bremen television for over ten years.

Now it seems to be pulling baby Clarissa into the spotlight: “Without question, my dream job is moderation and mainly in front of the camera, even if I find the job behind the camera very interesting,” said the 25-year-old in an interview with “Bild”. She is currently completing her journalism studies in her home country Mallorca. Father Egon moved to the Balearic Island at the end of the 90s. Clarissa has been working for a local television station since October, as she says.

Clarissa is moving to Germany

Clarissa can also imagine a career in Germany, open to anything. “But it is important to me that I can do what I love. I can well imagine working in the music or entertainment sector, ”said the youngest Wellenbrink. Furthermore, she is basically not as averse to cold Germany as she says. “I am always very happy when I travel to Germany because I really like the people and the atmosphere.” Your favorite cities? Berlin and Hamburg.

Whether Germany or Spain, Papa Egon seems to believe in his daughter. “If Clarissa wants that and then stays focused, it could of course also work in Germany. I am sure that Clarissa will find just as much fulfillment in this medium as I had at Bremen television for over a decade. »

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