The Fideriser Heuberge rushed forward with 3G, now the small ski area in Prättigau is tightening the measure again. Those responsible assume that 2G will soon be mandatory in the hotel and catering industry.

The applies on the slopes and in the restaurants of the Fideriser Heuberge 2G rule.

 Now the first ski area is voluntarily opting for 2G

The small ski area in Prättigau was the first in Switzerland to voluntarily decide to do this.

Now the first one Ski area voluntarily subject to 2G obligation

However, the measure does not apply to employees, they have to comply with the 3G rule and have themselves tested regularly.

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    The Fideriser Heuberge are the first Swiss ski area to voluntarily use 2G.

  • After the 2G inspection, you will be given a bracelet.

  • < p> Cancellations are now expected in the Prättigau ski area.

In the Swiss ski areas there is a mask requirement, but mostly no 3G rule. The Fideriser Heuberge announced at the end of July that they were voluntarily tightening the measures with the certificate. Now those responsible are going one step further and relying on 2G.

This makes the small ski area in Prättigau the first with the voluntary tightening, as the “Sunday newspaper” writes. 2G also applies in Samnaun, but only involuntarily. The Graubünden ski area is connected to the Austrian Ischgl, where 2G is mandatory.

Bracelets for 2G control

The 2G rule in the Heuberge applies to everyone from 16 years of age on the slopes and in the restaurants. 3G only applies to employees, but they should do regular tests. Employees who have not been vaccinated or recovered must also wear a mask.

When the ski lifts in the small area start operating on December 25th, after the 2G control in the valley station, there is a bracelet with the respective date. “It is immediately clear that the regulations have been complied with,” says Managing Director Henrik Vetsch.

“Probably soon 2G in hotels and restaurants”

The managing director sees the tightening as a “logical step”. Because while most ski areas live from snow sports themselves, the Heuberge are driven by the hotel and catering industry, where “2G will probably soon apply,” says Vetsch Cancellations, but also with new bookings by guests who are just coming.

Corona rules in the ski area

In closed gondolas and waiting areas, a mask is required in the Swiss ski areas. But you don't need the mask outdoors on the open chairlift, for example. The Swiss Cable Car Association has also only just decided to limit capacity. Large gondolas with space for more than 25 people are only allowed to be used up to 70 percent. In the restaurants on the slopes, a certificate and mask are required inside, but some restaurants also voluntarily use 2G.

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