The “historically unique development” in the gas market is forcing the first supplier in Germany to come to a standstill. In Belgium two companies have already had to give up. There should be no such failures in Switzerland.

German households no longer receive gas from the provider

< p> now delivers the first German energy supplier to run out of gas

The reason for this is said to be the” historically unique price development “.

Now the first delivers German energy suppliers run out of gas

Two suppliers have already gone hops in Belgium.

That's what

  • Gas prices have risen sharply.

  • Now the first energy supplier in Germany is stopping gas deliveries.

  • The supply should be guaranteed in Switzerland.

The gas price explosion has drastic consequences in Germany. The energy supplierünwelt has been the first to stop delivering gas to customers since December 2nd. The reason is the “historically unique price development in the natural gas market”, quotes the company.

The gas price for deliveries has increased by up to 400 percent compared to the previous year. The supplier did not disclose how many customers are affected. The customers should switch to the basic provider and could be entitled to compensation if they now have to pay more. is not yet bankrupt and can still meet its payment obligations. In Belgium, on the other hand, two energy suppliers had to give up because of the high electricity and gas prices. According to the Belga news agency, Energy2Business was hit in September and this week also the energy provider Vlaamse Energieleverancier, which supplies around 70,000 households.

Gas price curve is pointing down again

There should be no such failures in Switzerland. “This is a game of market forces, but the Swiss gas industry is fundamentally well positioned,” says a spokesman for the Association of the Swiss Gas Industry to 20 Minuten.

Our prices have also risen in recent months, but the price curve is currently pointing down again, according to the spokesman. There are no uniform prices. “There are around 100 gas suppliers in Switzerland, mostly municipal or municipal utilities. They all have different strategies when it comes to gas procurement. The consumer prices are also very different. »

Emergency plan of the federal government

The federal government has drawn up an emergency plan for a possible energy and electricity shortage. As a first step, there would be appeals to the population to save electricity. If the crisis worsens, the federal government can issue an ordinance and oblige the population to save. Energy-intensive devices and facilities that are not absolutely necessary, such as lighting for advertising purposes, escalators or comfort heating in outdoor areas would then be prohibited. In a next step, companies would have to step on the electricity brake. In the third stage of the crisis, power cuts would follow.

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