Today is Black Friday. Consumers are scrambling for discount campaigns in stores and online shops. Where are the longest queues? Are websites collapsing again under the onslaught? You can find out all the news about today's bargain hunt here in the ticker.

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Online bargain hunt is underway

The first bargain hunters have been since yesterday Evening online. Because many retailers put their Black Friday offers on in the online shop at midnight.

Tips & amp; Tricks

Not all big discount promotions are really bargains. Black Friday expert Julian Zrotz warns of fake discounts . “Many retailers expect the original price to be too high, on which they then give massive discounts. In truth, a 70 percent discount is often much less, ”he says. However, this practice is also common throughout the year in retail. Therefore, a price comparison is always recommended. With these tips and tricks you are properly prepared for the bargain hunt:

  • Create a shopping list before shopping: «This way you don't let yourself be tempted by an offer , but only buy what you really need », says Julian Zrotz.

  • Compare prices: «A 50 percent discount does not mean that the offer is really cheap. It could be a fake discount . You might also find an even better offer », says Zrotz.

  • Buy online: The selection of articles is in the online shops often significantly higher than in stores.

  • Use cashback: “Portals like give money back for every online purchase, including on Black Friday,” says Zrotz.


The Swiss want to spend on Black Friday Swiss people spend between 200 and 299 francs . This is the result of a current survey by the prospectus app Profital. One in five even wants more than 500 francs output. The interest in bargain hunting is particularly high among 18 to 25 year olds: 90 percent want to get hold of cheap deals on Black Friday. Clothes, shoes and accessories are in demand, followed by electrical appliances, furniture and furnishings.

This is Black Friday

Black Friday takes place every year on the Friday after the US holiday Thanksgiving instead of. This year shopping day falls on November 26th. A few years ago, the shopping day from the USA also arrived in Switzerland. Today it is hard to imagine the retail trade without it. Experts expect that the Swiss retailers will generate sales of around 500 million francs this Black Friday, something as much in the past year.

The fact that sales are likely to stagnate has to do with global delivery bottlenecks. Many products such as computers, game consoles, iPhones or other electrical items are due to the chip deficiency among other thingsnot available at all or only in small quantities. The delivery bottlenecks are therefore likely to dampen the sales of many dealers this year. Because of the bottlenecks, some providers have even extended their return deadlines for Christmas gschänkli.

 Now the big barn hunt starts

It starts

Welcome. Nice that you are part of our ticker for today's Black Friday. On this day, many retailers in their stores and online shops sell vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, computers or clothes with large discounts. 20 Minuten reports from all over Switzerland about the biggest bargain hunt of the year and brings the most exciting Black Friday news from all over the world. There is also a live broadcast from our studio with guests at 12 noon on

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