Basic immunization with the vaccine from Pfizer/Biontech is only available in Lucerne at the vaccination center in the cantonal hospital. Because of a vaccination break over the holidays, a woman has to wait for her second dose.

After a long deliberation, a 20-minute reader decided in favor of a vaccination against the corona virus.

 No vaccination between Christmas and New Year - reader annoyed

She has decided to to be vaccinated with the vaccine Comirnaty (Pfizer/Biontech).

No vaccination between Christmas and New Year - Reader annoyed

According to the website of the canton of Lucerne, this is only given in the vaccination center of the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital for first vaccinations.


  • One After a long period of reflection, a woman from the canton of Lucerne decided to get vaccinated.

  • She chose the Comirnaty vaccine from Pfizer/Biontech. This is only used in the vaccination center of the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital.

  • This wants to give its employees a few days of relaxation over the festive season and is therefore taking a vaccination break.

  • The 20-minute reader is annoyed about this.

Again and again politicians ask for vaccinations. For example, SVP National Councilor Albert Rösti said last Friday in the SRF “Arena”: “Protect yourself, protect your surroundings and please go vaccinate.” Lucerne's health and social director, Guido Graf, also appeals for a vaccination on his blog. A 20-minute reader from the canton of Lucerne has now decided to vaccinate after careful consideration. She decided to be vaccinated with the Comirnaty vaccine (Pfizer/Biontech). For basic immunization (1st and 2nd vaccination), this vaccine is only given in one of the vaccination centers: the one in Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (Luks). Booster vaccinations with the vaccine are also available elsewhere.

No understanding of the break given the situation

After she was able to make an appointment by phone, she received the first vaccination with the desired vaccine on December 9th. The reader wanted to get her second vaccination over with as quickly as possible. So she wanted to make an appointment for December 30th straight away. However, this was not possible. The vaccination center at the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital is closed between Christmas and New Years. For the reader incomprehensible: “In view of the urgency communicated to be vaccinated and the overload of the IPS wards, which has already occurred in some cases, I cannot understand that.”

The Lucerne Cantonal Hospital writes on request that they want to give the employees a few days off: “They have been working hard for months and deserve it and are back with full vigor after the turn of the year.” For people who are entitled to a second vaccination during this period, plan the ideal date together. “This is very much appreciated,” said the Luks. There have not yet been any negative reactions to the vaccination break.

Demand for vaccinations is also covered over the holidays

The reader then asked several pharmacies in the canton of Lucerne to receive the second vaccination at the desired time. According to the woman, only one out of seven pharmacies that were asked carry out first and second vaccinations with the desired vaccine from Pfizer/Biontech. Several pharmacies are currently no longer offering vaccinations,

The Health and Social Department of the Canton of Lucerne (GSD) sees no problem in the closure of the vaccination center at the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital over the festive period. “The demand for vaccinations can be met due to the many different vaccination offers in the canton of Lucerne,” writes the department on request from 20 Minuten. The GSD is happy for all pharmacies in the canton of Lucerne that carry out vaccinations. Currently, the vaccination capacity is large enough with the vaccination center in the Luks, the cantonal vaccination centers and the vaccination ship, according to the GSD.

Do you or someone you know have problems with the Corona period?

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