A news scout was amazed on Tuesday when he looked out the window in Kriens: He saw several unknown blue lights in the dark.

A news scout took this picture on Tuesday evening in Kriens.

News-Scout puzzled about unusual light appearance

He usually sees similar lights when football games take place on the Allmend.

News-Scout finds out about unusual ; Similar light appearance

” In the direction of Sonnenberg and the city of Lucerne, I suddenly saw several blue lights that looked like UFOs, “says the news scout.

That's what it's all about

  • A news scout photographed unknown lights over Kriens on Tuesday.

  • As he explained, the light came from the direction of the city of Lucerne.

  • The explanation: The Lilu Light Festival Lucerne has carried out tests.

  • The Lilu takes place from January 6th to 16th.

The news scout is used to seeing blue-colored lights from the Swissporarena at home in Kriens when football matches are taking place. But what he saw shortly before 11 p.m. on Tuesday evening amazed him: “In the direction of Sonnenberg and the city of Lucerne, I suddenly saw several blue lights that looked like UFOs”. As he further explained, he means the name UFOs rather funny because the light spectacle “looked very funny” to him.

According to the news scout, the lights were visible for about a quarter of an hour. Then they disappeared again. A little later the cigar-shaped lights lit up the night sky again. “It was an on-off situation”, continues the news scout, who was particularly pleased to be able to photograph an unusual subject.

News-Scout racks about unusual ; Similar light appearance

The national quay can also be admired with different eyes during the Lilu.

The organizing committee of the Lilu Light Festival Lucerne can literally bring light into the darkness. Lea Isaak, co-festival director, could not conclusively confirm on request that the light came from them. But she says: “It may be that the news scout could see the light from the Hotel Château Gütsch. We did tests there for the festival on Tuesday evening. ”

The third edition of the Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne starts on Thursday. Until January 16, Lucerne will once again be a bright meeting place. During this time, squares, sights and alleys in the city of Lucerne are artfully illuminated daily from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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