New Years Day in Quebec: a complete party with Toboggan

Thousands of people have once again chosen the Grande Allée to greet a new year. The warm weather and the snowflakes made the evening magical, then the sound of electronic music made the party grow.

If the Place Georges-V was not filled in the last days during the paid shows of the new winter festival Toboggan, it was on Tuesday for its free show welcoming 2020. Even as the crowd overflowed in the street and on the sides of the scene.

There were as many people below, towards the National Assembly, for the traditional music scene with Les Tireux d’Roches, the Painchaud Family and 2Frères. Two different kinds of atmosphere for two types of festive evening in the same place.

The electronic duo Loud Luxury seemed happy to be back in Quebec.

“We know them, we know they are able to put the party on,” predicted earlier today Anne Hudon, director general of the Summer Festival and of 3E who organized the event.

It was not only the revelers who enjoyed the evening, the children also stayed up late.

Visitors, many families, lined up – still quite long! – for the Ferris wheel and the carousel in the early evening. But what stole the show were the ice sheets in the Parc de la Francophonie…

Before Tuesday’s snow, there was freezing rain. It had left an icy ground below the accumulations of snow. The children quickly understood, they made a few gliding tracks for themselves. They sprang for several meters on their stomachs, seated and even standing for the most daring, all under the supervision and laughter of the parents. There was the “slide”.

The improvised activity lasted at least from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., the children were well awake, even that the street still welcomed strollers at this time.

Then with two scenes, fireworks had to spring up everywhere at midnight, so that all visitors could benefit. The lights were therefore sent into the sky from the roof of the National Assembly, the Armory or the Chateau Laurier, to name just these places.

Mother nature on the bright side

You couldn’t ask for better weather; a light temperature (-2 ° C) and soft flakes.

The biggest snowfall fell on Quebec during the day, which allowed the Toboggan team to get the most out of it. It was the winds that could threaten the evening’s outfit, and on Tuesday, it was not blowing hard.

At the passage of the Sun on Grande Allée in the early evening, the restaurants were full, not surprisingly since it was crowded with people from 8:30 p.m. in the streets.

No major incident was noted by the Quebec City Police Department during the evening, except a few cases of intoxication. Surveillance was, however, increased at the site.

Balance for Toboggan

On the technical and organizational side, almost nothing to complain about. It should be noted that Ms. Hudon and her team have a lot of credibility with the organization of the Festival d’été de Québec (FEQ). They therefore offered three good evenings of shows, from 28 to 30.

“We had experience with Place Georges-V, the Loto Quebec scene this summer [with the FEQ] made us know the environment. Our production team is pretty solid. ”

In addition, Ms. Hudon had brought the big New Year’s Eve in recent years, André Verreault, director of Action promotion Grande Allée. He had an important role in the organization team, with all the experience accumulated in the past.

For traffic, Ms. Hudon recognizes that the site was far from being full every evening.

“We wanted to sell more [passes], we had a site that can accommodate three times more people,” admits Ms. Hudon. We first wanted to see if people were going out, enough for it to be a party… and the party came up, people responded. If we had this maximum traffic, we were ready. ”

An electronic music festival… it is certain that the team of organizers targeted a younger clientele. She therefore expected that passes should be bought at the last minute, as is more often the case in the habits of adolescents and young adults.

“There were a lot of sales on Friday and Saturday, as we thought. We’re happy for that too. ”

The evening of the 31st was the initial mandate of 3E, the rest is “business development”, as Ms. Hudon explains. She says she is very happy with the last few days, but above all relieved to see that the concept has potential.

A second time next year?

Without officially confirming the return of the event, Ms. Hudon said it was her wish.

“Of course we want to be back, we haven’t done all that for a year. It will take us into a balance sheet as a team, with all the parties. We have to see if everyone is happy, but I think so. Everything has been done to make it more than a test. We had answers the right way. ”

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