Everyone is talking about the Omikron virus variant. This is also noticeable in the crypto market. A previously unknown coin goes through the roof.

Those who bet on the Omicron coin early can look forward to today.

New virus variant boosts the crypto-currency Omicron

Because the new virus variant is called Omicron in English, the cryptocurrency of the same name moved into the focus of investors.

That's what

  • The crypto currency Omicron has only been around since Beginning of November.

  • The currency was previously rather unknown – the new virus variant Omikron changed that.

  • The Omicron price has now climbed to 700 dollars.

The choice of the World Health Organization (WHO) to name the new virus variant Omikron – in English Omicron – has given the crypto currency of the same name Omicron a booster: The digital currency, so far largely unknown and stable, increased its value tenfold early Monday to almost 700 dollars ( around 643 francs). After that, the Omicron fell sharply to $ 152, then climbed back to $ 350, according to the CoinMarketCap website.

The crypto currency Omicron was only created at the beginning of November – the founders didn't mention the corona pandemic with a single syllable. According to their own statement, they wanted to offer a new currency that would work “regardless of market fluctuations” and thus “maintain purchasing power”. Before the World Health Organization's decision, the currency Omicron was hovering around $ 70.

Fraudsters knock out «Squid Game» -Hype Profit

It is not the only cryptocurrency that suddenly appears in the spotlight – and sometimes disappears again just as quickly : The “Squid Coin”, created by fans of the Netflix series “Squid Game”, was worth 70 cents at the beginning – and rose to $ 2.86 within a few days November. On November 2nd, the “Squid Coin” was traded for just three cents – buyers had found out that they could not exchange the currency for traditional coins. The founders of the currency suddenly disappeared from all internet networks.

Vahieran (23) became a crypto millionaire.

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