New sound test for Bitfarms

Bitfarms will be carrying out a new sound study in the coming days. If citizens give him permission, certain measures may even be taken inside the residences affected by the noise generated by the business on rue de la Pointe. The municipal council will also consider a resolution to freeze the zoning of the Lucien-Blanchard beach sector to avoid the establishment of other similar businesses.
A day after a meeting of the municipal council where a dozen citizens recalled that they were tired of the noise and vibrations generated by Bitfarms, the company met with municipal services, in the presence of councilors Marc Denault and Paul Gingues , to present the schedule for its mitigation work.

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“We are continuing our site plan to reduce noise. We are finalizing the plans and specifications to obtain the permits that will allow us in particular to relocate our entrance, ”explains Marc Duchesne, director of communications for Bitfarms.

“We are preparing a second sound study which we will carry out over the next few days. I am in contact with the citizens to obtain the authorizations to present us at their home. In particular, there will be a measurement at the end of the day. ”


Bitfarms’ objective is to have completed the construction of a sound barrier wall and relocation of its entrance for the summer. “The City has confirmed that it will collaborate in this process so that we obtain the permits as quickly as possible, while respecting the usual stages of the process. ”

If citizens indicated on Monday that they had filed complaints with the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, Marc Duchesne reports having had no communication with the ministry so far. The Bitfarms communications director also confirms that the City knew that its business would generate noise.

“This is implicit in any factory that sets up in an industrial district. It generates a certain level of noise. You shouldn’t expect it to be as quiet as a warehouse. ”

At the Service des communications de la Ville de Sherbrooke, it was indicated that the sale of the land did not require the approval of the municipal council because it respected the zoning in place and that it was a transaction between two private.


zoning La Tribune has also obtained confirmation that a resolution will be tabled at city council on February 3 to freeze the zoning of the sector where Bitfarms is located and thus avoid another similar site. Councilor Paul Gingues asked for it on Monday.

Mr. Gingues also reports that it will take approximately two weeks between the submission of plans by Bitfarms and the obtaining of permits from the City. “I am happy to learn that the vibrations caused by the factory will also be measured during the next sound study. ”

As for Councilor Marc Denault, he reports that a new meeting with the citizens is planned soon to set out the work schedule. “We hope that everything will be settled for the arrival of good weather. We hope to settle this dispute around the discussion table rather than before a judge. ”

Regarding the heat problems denounced by citizens on Monday at the municipal council, Marc Denault replied that they are more the responsibility of the Ministry of the Environment than of the City.

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