New records for 20 years of ComediHa!

In 2000, the festival of Grand Rire was held over four days and welcomed a few artists, the budget was $ 300,000 for the event. Twenty years later, ComediHa! Fest-Québec spanned 12 days and organized more than 350 activities and shows with a budget of $ 14 million.
It goes without saying that the event has seen a meteoric rise. The 2019 edition also broke records, the three ephemeral and playful villages were a great success.

Sunday, the founder and president of ComediHa! kept a record of the festivities. He estimates that the festival has received 750,000 visits, against 530,000 last year. He also notices an obvious increase in income.

“We consider that we have become the global hub of humor, particularly French-speaking. We have credibility with artists, artisans, broadcasters, broadcasters and other festivals around the world, “says Sylvain Parent-Bédard, president and founder of ComediHa !.

Mr. Parent-Bédard wishes to point out that 87% of his budget is financed by private funds. He is proud of the quality of the content presented and is delighted that all the shows of the festival have declared complete, without exception, for the first time in 20 years.

He also started the press conference by returning to the past. He remembered some highlights of the festival. The founder notes, among other things, the beginning of the broadcast of the shows at Radio-Canada in 2006, which gave a big boost to the notoriety of the event, or the arrival of international artists in 2009. It is in 2015 that the formula that we know today has been drawn, the experience has been improving ever since. It is also the year of the name change to ComedieHa !.

The high bar for 2020

Given his success, Mr. Parent-Bédard still allows himself to dream for the future.

“Successful traffic has led us to think of quality growth in the coming years in the capital. I dreamed 20 years ago, and you still have to dream and keep your perseverance, “says Parent-Bédard.

Twenty years ago, the goal was to have fun. Over the years, smiles and fallout have multiplied. “Today, we continue to have fun, but it has also become a big business with tourist, cultural, economic and impact on Quebec culture. We take it more seriously. ”

Only downside: lack of manpower

The cultural industry has not escaped the labor shortage. Despite difficulties in filling all the positions, the situation did not prevent the success of the event. The President thanked all his team, who redoubled their enthusiasm to ensure the smooth running of activities.

“It’s a big challenge for the festival. Cultural expertise is even rarer. We are our own competitors because we produce activities all year long, but we work hard and we manage to get people from elsewhere. The team worked twice as hard to deliver the edition we had. ”

ComediHa! generates about 1000 jobs, of which a hundred are full-time throughout the year.

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