New funding method in CEGEPs: small and medium-sized businesses gain

Small and medium-sized CEGEPs, often located in the regions, are the winners of the funding reform announced on Monday by Education Minister Jean-François Roberge.
The Minister of Education and Advanced Education has announced to the CEGEP of Saint-Jérôme this rebalancing, which has the effect of raising the basic amount that colleges receive. In the same vein, the funding based on the number of students received has been modified by a tiered system.

It is therefore mainly small and medium-sized CEGEPs, which are often located in the regions, that will benefit from the modifications made. Many CEGEPs in the region were experiencing an exodus of their youth population, putting some programs at risk.

Minister Roberge said that an additional $ 68 million will be injected as soon as the fall, which will take place in the coming days.

In total, the sum reaches $ 150 million, including the salary increase for government employees, on April 1, an increase in system costs and an improvement in the salary structure for the research function. it is specified in the minister’s office.

Happy students

The announcement was applauded by representatives of CEGEP students. “It’s good news. This is an announcement that will improve access to services for students across Quebec, “said Philippe Clément, president of the Fédération collegiale collégiale du Québec.

“It’s more accurate (with the new calculation method). It was even a request from the Quebec Federation of Collegiate Students. We are happy because in the minister’s announcement, there are many elements that have been retained that came from the student population, “said the president of the association which represents 78,000 college students in 27 CEGEPs.

Mr. Clément puts a flat: the fact that some programs have been brought together under one roof, to simplify things, should not clear the cegeps. They must continue to achieve the objectives of the programs concerned and make good accountability.

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