After four years, FC Basel ends its involvement in e-sports with immediate effect. Most recently, the project reported a six-figure loss.

In 2018, e-athletes and FCB professionals dueled each other on the console.

 New FCB leadership pulls the plug on the e-sports project

Raoul Petretta cheers a hit.

That's what

  • FC Basel is about ends his own e-sports engagement with immediate effect.

  • The company eStudios AG takes over the operation, in which David Degen is also involved.

  • FCB fans had resisted the project since it started four years ago.

At FC Basel, the cleanup continues. On Friday morning, the club announced that it was outsourcing its esports activities with immediate effect. The FCB launched this project four years ago and celebrated several successes on a national and international level.

The whole thing has not paid off financially, however, recently FCB had to accept a loss in the mid six-digit range, according to a message. “The club has therefore decided, for strategic and economic reasons, to outsource the e-sports area from FC Basel 1893 AG and have it run by experts,” write the Basler. However, the club is not withdrawing entirely from e-sports. The players should continue to take part in tournaments at the new location under the name FC Basel.

FCB fans protested against e-sports

Now eStudions AG is to continue operations, FCB co-owner David Degen is a minority shareholder in the e-sports company. Luca «Lubo» Boller is to be taken over from the five currently employed FCB e-athletes, and a solution is still being sought with two more. From the former Argentine FIFA world number one Nicolás «nicolas99fc» Villalba and Swiss champion Leandro «Dufty» Curty, however, FCB is separating with immediate effect.

The FCB fans have protested again and again in recent years against the Sports project that was also a matter close to the heart of ex-Basel boss Bernhard Burgener. Since his departure, the club has been mucked out under the new leadership of David Degen. Several layoffs have already taken place, so the gaming project is now being sent off the Rhine.

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