Numerous new companies are currently emerging in the construction and crypto industries. The pandemic intensifies the trend towards independence, because the home office loses connection with the company.

In 2021, 7 percent more new companies were created than in the previous year .

During the pandemic, many people decided to start their own business.

There have never been so many company groups ; ndings like 2021

After two years in the home office, many programmers lost touch with the company, says CEO Michele Blasucci.


  • More than 50,000 new companies were created in Switzerland this year.

  • In each canton there were more start-ups than in the previous year.

  • There could be another record next year as well.

The Corona crisis year 2021 brought Switzerland a new record: for the first time, more than 50,000 new companies are in the Swiss commercial register registered. That is over 7 percent more than in the previous year, as a survey by the online company formation platform shows. At that time, 46,842 new companies were registered, which was also a record.

During the crisis it was the right moment for many to found a company, says CEO Michele Blasucci to 20 Minuten: “People have time to think about what is really important to them.” Many programmers have been working from home for almost two years and have almost no connection with the company. «It's easier to leave the company and do something yourself.»

Some craft businesses can hardly keep up with work

The trend was reinforced by the low mortgage interest rates. «People are more at home in the crisis and want to have a nice home. That's why a lot is being built and renovated, ”says Blasucci. Some companies would no longer keep up with all the work. That's why employees went into business for themselves and founded craft companies for everything to do with construction, such as painting or electrician companies.

Numerous new crypto companies are also emerging because of the boom around the blockchain and crypto currencies. Numerous students would have earned a main or side income as Bitcoin traders. «There is a gold rush atmosphere. Many are fascinated that you can get rich overnight with crypto money. But only very few can do that, ”says Blasucci.

The canton of Zug with its Crypto Valley in particular benefits from the crypto trend. In Basel, many new companies from a wide variety of industries came into being because of lower taxes. In all of Switzerland, too, there were more company start-ups in each canton than in the previous year.

Federal aid prevented bankruptcies

There were fewer start-ups in industries suffering from the crisis, such as the travel, event and catering industries. Although there was an increase in the number of start-ups in the catering sector in the summer, this quickly flattened out again. “Many have hoped for improvement through the vaccination,” says Blasucci.

In total, there were almost 1230 bankruptcies this year, about 100 fewer than last year. Many bankruptcies have been prevented thanks to the interest-free loans, says Blasucci. He hopes that the companies will not have to repay the loans as early as next year, but only when they are financially safe.

To what extent the dynamic will continue in the coming year is difficult to predict. The longer the pandemic lasts, the more time people have to deal with a start-up. “That is why there will probably be a record next year too,” says Blasucci.

50,000 new companies will bring up to 100,000 jobs in the long term asked the reasons for setting up the company. Of the almost 500 participants, half want to finally implement their business idea, a fifth want to be their own boss and only one person interviewed starts a business with the prospect of financial success. The respondents named overcoming the fear of failure or a lack of necessary capital as the biggest hurdles when starting a company. The founders also stated how many jobs they want to create. Half of the respondents want 1 to 2 workstations, 70 respondents want 3 to 5 employees and another 50 want more than 5.

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