The Tiktok clique around Chase Hudson and Co. can be seen in a reality show, a film about the importance of bars – we are starting the new year with these streaming formats.

The trailer for «Hype House».

That's what it's all about

  • The first fresh streaming starts in 2022 are coming in – here are two tips of the week.

  • Netflix is ​​showing a reality show about the Tiktok collective “Hype House”.

  • A film about you is starting on Amazon Prime Boy who grows up in a bar.

«Hype House»

«We are ten 20 year olds who Live together in a five million dollar house and record content all day, ”says Tiktoker Thomas Petrou. He lives in the luxury flat share with Nikita Dragun, Chase Hudson, Alex Warren and Sienna Mae Gomez, among others.

Netflix shows what life is like as a social media personality in Los Angeles on the reality show “Hype House”. The series will not have an easy time of it: the announcement in April 2021 met headwinds.

Criticism of «Hype House»

A petition has been started on so that «Hype House» is never published. The description says that popular series such as “Sense8” and “The OA” were canceled after two seasons and no one asked about a hype house series.

It was also criticized on Twitter that the majority of the cast was white, while many popular tiktok dances were created by People of Color.

The group polarized

The Tiktok clique has already slid into controversy in the past: Among other things, the collective behaved irresponsibly during the pandemic and organized parties.

Alex Warren is aware that the group is polarizing: «I think , The series will surprise a lot of people and show things that you may never have seen from your favorite creator – or the creator you hate, ”he says to“ Bustle ”.

“ Hype House »will be available on Netflix from January 7th.

«The Tender Bar»

J. R. (Tye Sheridan) is growing up in a bar. But let's start at the beginning: After his father has left the family, mother Dorothy (Lily Rabe) has to take care of the son alone. The two move back to Dorothy's hometown, where J. R.'s uncle also lives, a bartender named Charlie (Ben Affleck).

The bar becomes a second home for JR: he often watches his uncle pouring beer and sending glasses over the counter while he discusses wisdom with the guests and watching baseball games on television.

Formative childhood

Later, JR studied law at Yale and began an internship at the New York Times – there he wrote down the story of his childhood and realized how much he liked the bar was coined.

The film is based on the autobiography of John Joseph Moehringer, directed by George Clooney.

“The Tender Bar” will be available on Amazon Prime from January 7th.

The trailer for «The Tender Bar».

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