Nearly $ 900,000 for a steel leader in Rougemont

Leader in the field of sheet metal processing, the Rougemont Industrial Equipment Company (LMI) has received nearly $ 900,000 from the federal government.
“This amount will enable us to accelerate the process of modernizing our equipment,” explains Michel Sornin, LMI President and CEO.

Among the new projects and products that will be able to develop thanks to this financial support, a new robot will be assigned to the very repetitive task of folding sheets of metal. “The person who did this previously did the same thing 3000 times a day,” says the CEO. It will now be able to deal with more rewarding operations.

The announcement was made Thursday morning by the Member of Parliament for Shefford, Pierre Breton.

The company, which has 80 employees, processes nearly 3,000 tonnes of metal a year.

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