Our final Best Crushing Newcomer 2021 lives in New York, but has fallen in love with Switzerland again – after all, it doesn't end with a video call.

Yo Samuel Koechlin, why do you actually call yourself Sam Himself ?

Best Crushing Newcomer November/December 2021

  • Name: Sam Himself (yes, uh, who else if not himself?)

  • From: Basel/Brooklyn

  • Age: 21 (he says – When we bought him a tram ticket, however, he gave his date of birth as 6/6/1966 and that is probably no longer 21)

  • Power: Moody post-punk to howl and gossip

  • Available on: Instagram/Youtube/Spotify

< h3 class = "Crosshead_crosshead__1H9Xt Crosshead_siteAreaNews__bkbua Crosshead_typeCrossheadListicleUnordered__3c9ui"> He loves his adopted home New York

“My plan was to move to New York when I was 18, the hometown of The Velvet Underground and other heroes,” Sam Himself tells 20 Minuten, “I'm starting a band, everyone thinks it's great and it's going well. But it turned out a little differently, the first lesson I learned as a young worm in the Big Apple: “Nobody cares – until you give‘ em a reason! “

Even if it got off to a bumpy start a little more than ten years ago, the Basel resident loves his adopted home. One of the reasons: “Manhattan is set up like a grid, you have avenues and streets at right angles to each other – that's why I don't get lost there, unlike in any other city. When the traffic lights in the avenues are red, those in the streets are green – there is a deep philosophy of life in them. »

He hated his part-time job as a comedy

p>Because nobody in the USA waited for Sam and his songs, he had to earn his living differently. “Ironically, you have to invest a lot of time living in New York so that you can do the things you came to New York – in my case, to make music.”

He He made his way as a bartender and wrote songs for other artists. He had one of the worst part-time jobs as a copywriter: “I once wrote comedy stuff for car advertisements. You like this: ‹Say something funny about our minivan.› I like this: ‹Your minivan is not funny.› That job didn't last very long… »

What is the best crushing newcomer?

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Here you can find the regulations with all the details.

And here are all the Best Crushing Newcomers of 2021 .

He has rediscovered Switzerland

When governments around the world pulled the lockdown emergency brake in early 2020, Sam Himself was in Switzerland to tour the country with Anna Rossinelli. Because the situation in New York was damn chaotic at the time, he decided to stay in Basel – and fell in love with his old home again.

“The last time I was really in Switzerland was when I was 18, 19 and although I came back often, I found New York to be my home,” says the melancho bard with the punk frize, “but I've been 100 percent for the last year and a half at home in both places. It's a bit of a commute, but at the moment the balance is working. »

It was dumped via Facetime

In addition to the professional stability, the pandemic earthquake also shook Sam's private life: “At the beginning of 2020 a relationship broke up quite efficiently – via Facetime, it wasn't my idea.” He processed the story into the song “Cry” and put it on his debut album “Power Ballads”, which was released in October 2021 (below in the Spotify stream).

The record entered the Swiss charts at number 36. The placement itself does not allow the New Yorker by choice to make any particularly high leaps in the air – the soles of his Doc Martens are simply too heavy for that. But he describes the fact that he was chartered at all as “mind-blowing”, “after all, as a child I heard the hit parade every week”.

Sam Himself plays on 10. December in the Grabenhalle (St. Gallen), on 14. January in Kofmehl (Solothurn), on 27. January in the Papiersaal (Zurich) and on 28. January in Bierhübeli (Bern).

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